Another Famous "Socialist" Just Purchased a Million Dollar Home and His Defense Is Incredibly Weak

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If you’ve never heard of Hasan Piker, he’s the nephew of The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur who’s made a name for himself as a political Twitch streamer. If you hop on to his channel while he’s on, he’ll either be reacting to YouTube videos or delivering such stunning political commentary such as how America deserved 9/11 or that the man who took Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s eye was a “brave f***king soldier.”


Piker is, like most young first-world leftists, a socialist. As original a concept as this is, what’s even more common about him is that Piker’s popularity has made him wealthy with no small help from the innovation made possible by the capitalist system. This led to Piker doing exactly what young wealthy socialists do; he purchased a very expensive home.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Piker purchased a home in West Hollywood worth $2.74 million in the Beverly Grove neighborhood. Like other champaign socialists, this multi-million dollar home fits right in with his for-the-people, eat-the-rich preaching.

Piker joins other “socialists” who live like rock stars, including BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and fellow Twitch socialist, Nicole Sanchez.

Naturally, the hypocrisy isn’t lost on anyone except for Hasan’s fans. However, it would seem that both the left and the right are more than happy to call him out on his hypocrisy. Hasan’s defense?

“Calm down.”

He later went in a bit deeper on the matter but didn’t exactly provide a defense to the reason people are angry with him.


The rest of his Twitter is retweets from others making light of his hypocrisy. Popping into his stream as I was writing this, Piker wasn’t rationalizing his actions, rather talking more about the fact that he’s being harassed with death threats sprinkled in. He’s more upset that his hypocrisy has become national news, resulting in more anger toward him.

It’s not likely that we’re going to get an explanation about how his actions square with his ideological position. He doesn’t exactly have one. If he had stuck to his ideological guns, Piker would have purchased a much more modest home and used the rest of his accumulated wealth to take care of the people he claims to care about.

He didn’t. He, like every other socialist who achieves success on the back of preaching socialism, is living like a rock star. It’s one more piece of proof that when a socialist is introduced to wealth and/or power, their socialist walk is the first thing to go, but their socialist talk is the last. When you really boil it down, there is no such thing as a socialist.


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Like all socialists, if America really did become exactly what Piker preached then it would be the worst day of his life. His wealth and a lot of his freedoms would be stripped from him through excessive taxes and regulations. He’d likely keep his position as an influencer, but he’d no longer be free to say what he wants and Piker enjoys his first amendment right quite a bit.

No matter how you slice it, Piker is one more leftist hypocrite in a sea of leftist hypocrites and proof that when it comes down to it, socialists don’t actually believe what they’re saying.



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