There's No Such Thing as a Socialist


“But Brandon, we see them all the time on social media! Some of the most famous socialists in the world are in our own government!”

Correct, but I’d like to put forward the argument that these “eat the rich” socialists that you see dominating social media and television screens aren’t actually socialists. They may espouse these values, they may even sincerely believe them, but they’re not socialists.

I’m going to put forward a handful of examples, and you draw your own conclusions.

Example 1: Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Bernie Sanders and AOC are, by far, America’s most popular socialists. So socialist are they that push against big corporations from entering into their city, push for wild levels of taxation, and every other word out of their mouth is about billionaires needing to pay their fair share.

Hearing this, they must really dislike the bourgeoisie and view wealth as ill-gotten no matter the circumstances. To be sure, they do…unless it’s their wealth. It was only a few years ago that Sanders landed himself square in the middle of an FBI investigation for fraudulent claims about a $10 million loan, wasn’t paying back the city’s that provided him services for his campaign and preached about it all while living in one of three of his very expensive homes.

AOC isn’t much better. After railing against Tesla and Amazon, AOC’s Tesla was illegally parked at a Whole Foods (owned by Amazon) within walking distance of her very posh DC apartment.

I think you can see my point already appearing in your mind, but let’s see a couple more examples.

Example 2: Black Lives Matter co-founder

Remember “trained Marxist” Patrisse Cullors? Remember how she co-founded Black Lives Matter as a movement to push back against the alleged system of oppression that keeps black people down, white people in power, and encouraged the set up of a “new system” that allows for the equal treatment of black people?

Remember how this trained Marxist was suddenly revealed to have expensive homes in posh, mostly white neighborhoods?

You can see what I’m getting at now, but let’s just throw up one more example so that the point is well made.

Example 3: Nekolul

Allow me to introduce you to Nicole Sanchez, more popularly known as “Nekolul” online. If you have no idea who I’m talking about, this little video may jog your memory.

Still not ringing a bell? Good for you for not getting pulled in by this crap, but for the purposes of this article we’re going to look into her a bit more.

Sanchez rocketed to fame when she released the video above. Her mix of cute and sexy became a hit with a lot of people and her Bernie shirt made her a hero to the socialist left who supported the guy. Her fame would grow, becoming a mouthpiece for socialism on Twitch where she would complain about eating cup noodles while Bezos ate $1,000 steak before telling people to “eat the rich.”

Sanchez was a socialist, and a popular socialist to boot. This popularity, Sanchez found, easily translated into dollar amounts for her. It worked for her so well, that she was able to show you around her $2 million Dallas, Texas apartment on YouTube at the beginning of this month without a hint of self-awareness.

Here’s The Quartering talking about this very thing.

As Jeremy, The Quartering’s host points out, Sanchez’s followers began trickling away from her over their disappointment that their “eat the rich” queen wasn’t seeing the hypocrisy.

But she does. Sanchez knows full well what she’s doing but, like all the other socialists, Sanchez doesn’t care. She, like Bernie, like AOC, and like Cullors, are only socialists to a point. The moment they see the open door to practice and benefit from capitalism is the moment they walk through it. If asked to practice true socialism and split their money with others in equal share, they’d defend their bank accounts to the death.

And you know what? They should. It’s their money that they made fair and square…at least the money they made fair and square is.

Looking back through history, socialism and communism have never actually existed in practice. There are always people who benefit more from it than others and the people that do oftentimes live in complete and total luxury while others starve and die of diseases. Be it in Russia, North Korea, or even in America, you’ll find the loudest and most recognized socialists hoarding money and living in luxury. If they were mysteriously teleported to a country where everyone lived equally with no ability to game the system or make more money for being clever or working harder, it’d be the worst day of their lives.

Do you think AOC or Sanchez would give all their money away and live in government-approved housing? Lord, no.

It just goes to show you that when it comes to socialists, there aren’t really any. Socialism isn’t something the human brain can actually do in practice, just preach in theory.


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