The Left Completes Its Swan Dive Into the Lie That Is 'The Science'

Science has always been a neutral tool used to find out how the universe we abide in works. It’s been employed for hundreds and hundreds of years by every culture all over the globe in order to bring us closer to a deeper understanding of God’s creation. It’s not a tool that any one group or culture can own, yet that hasn’t stopped leftists from slapping their brand on it and claiming they’re the sole wielders of scientific truth.

As is well understood by many at this point, what the left embraces isn’t science, but a narrative in a scientist’s costume. Labeled “the science,” the left will declare that “the science” is on their side regarding any number of things. They believe that their version of “climate science” is undebatable to the point where they won’t acknowledge anything that doesn’t conform to their crisis-based worldview. They tell you that “the science” proves gender is fluid despite it defying every biological fact that we know, and even causing mental harm to those that embrace it. This same community said that the vaccine, mask-wearing, and locking down would prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, which of course, it didn’t. This didn’t stop them from trying to force all of these things on people anyway.

Despite these obvious lies, the left’s narrative that they’re the “party of science” trudges on. Like every leftist narrative, their position requires that their opposition have an opposite belief that is somehow stupid, evil, corrupt or all of the above. This we get little charts like the one that John Burn-Murdoch posted on X that show that “The Republicans have become the anti-science party.”

As an aside, you should see the responses he got in both his comments and his quote tweet responses. He was absolutely brutalized, but I digress.

Firstly, let’s torpedo the label. The fastest way to collapse a leftist narrative is to not use their language, at least in the way they intend it to be used.

Republicans and conservatives are not anti-science. In fact, they’re far more scientific than Democrats who actually wear the anti-science label more often than anyone else. Leftists will ignore sound science if a narrative requires them to and we have a few solid examples of this just over the past few years.

– They will ignore science in order to claim that gender is a social construct and there is a myriad of genders you can swap to at any time, defying all known biological facts about humanity and even subjecting those who embrace the lie to extreme mental stress.

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– They will ignore science on environmental climate change in order to claim that the world is burning, freezing, or whatever disaster is on deck so they can push authoritarian solutions that give them more power. All this despite historical patterns, sound science about the effects of the sun on weather patterns, global greening, etc., all pointing to the fact that we’re not currently in a crisis and a lot of these weather patterns we’re seeing are wholly natural.

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– In that same vein, they will lie about the cleanliness of “green energy,” failing to recognize or admit the toxicity inherent in the creation and degradation of solar panels, or the destructiveness of wind farms on the land and the animals.

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– They will ignore science in order to push a narrative about a virus that ravages the globe, killing millions, and requiring lockdowns, mask-wearing, and vaccines, none of which were effective but were forced on the people anyway. In fact, it was soon discovered that the vaccines had a detrimental effect on many who took them, but this was never admitted to by the scientific community that pushed them until far later when the obvious couldn’t be denied.

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– In that same vein, the “scientific” community that denounced public gatherings for churches or right-leaning protests had little or nothing to say about the Black Lives Matter marches where thousands gathered together, oftentimes maskless, in order to push a leftist narrative or agenda. When it was acknowledged, it was never classified as a “super spreader event.” In fact, they reassured people that they were safe.

If a boy comes up to you on multiple occasions to cry “wolf,” when it’s pretty clear that there isn’t any wolf to speak of, then you’re going to stop believing him. It doesn’t mean you deny the existence of wolves, but you can safely deduce that there’s no wolf crisis and you need not give any mind to the kid screaming about it.

Republicans aren’t anti-science, they’re anti-BS. They’re capable of recognizing obvious patterns, gathering facts, and coming to educated conclusions. Attempting to put a spin on the obvious is only going to discredit the spinner, and that’s what has lead right-leaning people to become skeptical of the so-called “scientific community,” which, if we’re being honest, you’re supposed to be in the first place.

Perhaps the left forgot was science is but everyone else hasn’t. It’s a method by which we search for the truth. It’s not a tool one can use to reinforce the political beliefs of the willfully ignorant. Science doesn’t have a political bias any more than a gun or a knife does. It’s not inherently good or evil, right or wrong, or left or right. It’s just a practice, and if humanity wants to continue advancing it needs to keep that fact in focus.

Anyone who claims they are the science isn’t a scientist, they’re a fraud trying to sell you something.


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