Democrats Are Trying to Make Climate Change the New COVID

There are a lot of religions on this planet, but none so demanding of one’s faith as the Church of Climate Change. It’s a cult whose message is so pervasive in our culture that many take it at its word that mankind is indeed changing the climate of the Earth, but once you start looking at the data you can see pretty quickly that a lot of its claims are based on half-truths or full-on lies.


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The dirty secret about the Church of Climate Change is that all things considered, it’s a suicide cult. It wants humanity to die off and stop having so many children. All this to, ironically, save you from yourselves.

Moreover, its goal is to get you to give up on human advancements and regress back to a time when humanity worked with lesser technologies and fewer rights. It wants you to hand power to them, not only in the government but personal freedoms such as your ability to travel freely and eat what you want. It wants to regulate businesses into obeying rules that would cripple and restrict them.

As Jeffrey Tucker points out in the Epoch Times, the media is currently using the fear-inducing models they created for COVID-19 to push the climate change scam. There are orange and red “tracking maps” on major networks following big heat increases in the same way they would highlight COVID-19 outbreaks.

As my colleague Bog Hoge wrote, the Democrats are utilizing this scare to get people to agree that action is needed, but the first step is to stop voting for Republicans, of course. Hillary Clinton was on X literally blaming the heat wave (a common occurrence on planet Earth) on “MAGA Republicans.” As Hoge noted, this means you. Somehow, you’re to blame for global warming, not the billions of other people across the globe just living their lives or the climate cult Democrats traveling to and fro in carbon-spewing airliners and yachts.


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If you take a step back and see the Democrat message for what it is, it becomes pretty ridiculous. They’re effectively telling you that they can control the weather, all you have to do is give up your freedom to them.

Kind of reminds you of the COVID-19 days, huh? Same goal, different crisis.

Is climate change real? Sure. Climate changes all the time and sometimes in drastic ways, but the impact of mankind’s existence on the planet isn’t really nailed down, and compared to the absolute power of nature, the location and output of the sun, the status of the oceans and position of the clouds, and many other factors, that impact is looking negligible.

The idea that humanity is somehow destroying the globe hasn’t born out any concrete evidence and moreover, the fact that the same people who say we are killing the planet are the same people looking to turn you from a citizen to a subject. It makes all of this seem less scientific and more like a conquering force trying to get you to lay down your arms and accept their rule without any bloodshed.

Moreover, when real scientists begin looking at the data, they shrug. Astro-physicist and noble laureate Dr. John Clauser recently gave a speech where he concluded that the climate cult’s science isn’t even actual science. It’s nonsensical doomsday claims based on cherry-picked data. He recently told the CO2 Coalition Board of Directors in South Korea that he doesn’t even believe there is a climate crisis.


“Beware,” said Clauser. “If you’re doing good science, it may lead you into politically incorrect areas.”

A good portion of the country was in politically incorrect areas when it was combating the false Democrat narratives surrounding the COVID-19 virus. Now, we need that same energy from Republican leaders when it comes to climate change.




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