Conservatives Are Not Safe

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I say conservatives, but if I’m being honest, it’s anyone whose ideological position is to the right of Marx.

As I wrote on Monday, the connection between gender dysphoria and violence is pretty undeniable at this point, and adherence to the gender ideology from outside of the mental illness indicates support in some capacity for this violence.

A perfect example is the way the Nashville shooter was lauded by the transgender activist community and their allies after the deaths of six people, including three children. Even the media was pointing fingers at Tennessee’s Republican population as the sole blame for the atrocity, and Democrats from the press to the White House made it clear that the real victims were the transgender community.

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The message being sent from the left was clear. “We will not naysay the transgender community even when they harm or murder others.”

Fast forward to April and former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines was assaulted by pronoun-laden San Francisco State University students who didn’t like her denunciation of men in women’s sports, including transgender swimmer Lia Thomas. While giving a talk at the university, students assaulted Gaines and chased her down a hallway until she was kept safe in a room by guards. Police eventually had to show up to get her safely away.

Naturally, the media was pretty silent about this and there weren’t any comments from the White House about the violence inflicted on Gaines. It was the responses from the SFSU administrators that really came as shocking but not at all surprising.

Jamillah Moore, Ed.D., SFSU’s “Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management” applauded students for their actions while painting them as peaceful and responsible. When Gaines countered this by tweeting the video of her being assaulted by Moore’s students, Moore blocked her on Twitter.

Moore proceeded to offer more words of encouragement to the violent students, painting the incident in very soft terms:

I applaud the students, staff and faculty who rallied quickly to host alternative inclusive events, protest peacefully and provide one another with support at a difficult moment. Unlike previous events on this campus and other campuses, I am proud to say that the First Amendment was honored. The speaker expressed her views and engaged in dialogue with those present. In fact, a Turning Point USA representative noted in a media interview that the discussion was “constructive and polite.” Unfortunately, a disturbance after the event concluded delayed the speaker’s departure. We are reviewing the incident and, as always, will learn from the experience.

No arrests have been announced, nor any administrative punishments of any kind. The reason is simple; Moore and her fellow admins loved that Gaines was assaulted. The students didn’t just learn this behavior in a vacuum. They were taught this kind of thing by professors and administrators like Moore. The students are radical activists being led by radical activists.

And these radical activists exist in a country being led by radical activists. These radical activists are being funded by radical activists.

You are beset on all sides.

Rest assured, if violence is done upon you on their territory, your attackers will not face justice. Excuses will be made for them by the media while sympathies for them will be made by people in elected office. Meanwhile, you will be hearing applause coming from the activist community and its allies as you nurse your wounds, if you’re alive to nurse them.

I wish I was being hyperbolic but at this point, it’s pretty clear that this is now reality. If you find yourself disagreeing with the radical left, you are not safe. You’re not safe from violent activists or the media. In some cases, the police may look the other way.

Be prepared.

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