There Are Two Americas and They Are at War

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It wasn’t that long ago that Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested that red and blue America split off from one another. I still stand by the fact that this is probably not the best idea based solely on the fact that the gesture would ultimately be futile. As I made clear, blue America’s goal was never to be its own nation, its primary goal was always the destruction of red America. Splitting the two off would only make them late for an inevitable showdown.

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However, what MTG was right about is that the two are irrevocably divorced from one another. The left and the right, while filled to the brim with nuanced positions and levels of belief, cannot coexist. At this rate, people are going to have to choose where they stand. It will no longer be a “right vs. left” thing, it will be a “are you for liberty or control.”

For years, I practiced patience and the belief that with the right words and events, things could be slowly moved back into a sane place where it’s pretty largely agreed upon that reality should rule, science shouldn’t be subjective, and socialism/communism is a very bad thing on par in evil with Nazism.

The left slowly whittled away that part of me with every attack and refusal to embrace the truth. Innocents lost their livelihoods at the hands of online rage mobs, if not their lives at the hands of bloodthirsty mobs. The media, controlled by radical leftists, would stand in front of burning cities and declare the violent rioters responsible as “mostly peaceful.” The federal government, also controlled by leftist radicals, would utilize everything from the IRS to the FBI to terrorize and punish regular citizens that they found inconvenient or dangerous to their authoritarian goals. Working in concert, the government and the media would attempt to convince the people that there was an attempt to overthrow the U.S. government on January 6.

There wasn’t, and they fought tooth and nail to keep that narrative alive until it was exposed as a lie. Even now, they stand by their disproven narrative as if to make it real by the sheer willpower of the media.

But how distanced we truly are from each other really hit me on Tuesday as the reactions to what happened during the Nashville shooting on Monday truly began to take form. Children died at the hands of a transgender shooter, and all the radical leftists could think to do was find a way to blame it on anyone but the shooter.

The radically controlled mainstream media blamed it on Tennessee voters for the death of their own children for having a state that doesn’t cater to transgender people’s mental health and forbids children from attending drag shows. Meanwhile, Twitter was awash with leftists actually celebrating the shooting, with others mocking the Christians as bigots somehow deserving of the fate they received.

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The signals I’m getting from this are, at this point, pretty hard to translate in any other way than this: “Disagree with our tribe and death will come for you and those you love.”

If someone would have told me this a handful of years ago, I would have called it hyperbolic. But now, I’m not so sure. I watch as innocent people die, violence runs rampant, drugs invade communities, and children are subjected to sexual materials or sexualized themselves, and all of it over the chorus of excuses, blame, and self-victimization.

Some piece of humanity was lost among the radical left. I can’t help but think it rotted away after years of mainstream and educational system indoctrination. We’ve drifted so far from reality and common sense that I think many people forgot what it’s like to live in a time where more of it ruled the land. Some born far later don’t even know that kind of environment.

But this is just because the two Americas we are today are not reconcilable. Their beliefs differ so radically that there can be no middle ground. How do you find a middle ground with a person who wants to turn your child into a sexualized, reality-denying activist?

You can’t.

How do you find a middle ground with someone who thinks that your murder is the solution to society’s problems?

You don’t.

This is coming from an unrelenting optimist: I don’t know how this gets better.

There are clearly people out there who don’t want this to get better. They want this to get worse, and these aren’t just radicals on a sidewalk holding picket signs or shouting obscenities at passersby. These people exist in the upper echelons of our government, they perform in our media, they are influencers with millions of followers, they are corporate bigwigs, and they are hedge fund managers.

I pray this resolves without further bloodshed, but it’s clear that this is what the radicals want. At this point, there’s no denying it.

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