The Warning Sign of 'Pronouns'

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Various creatures in the animal kingdom have a way of telling you they’re dangerous without them having to get physical. While some may kick up dirt in an intimidating display of strength or make frightening noises, other creatures sport bright colors that indicate they’re toxic.

Funny enough, a small but very loud group of humans do this. The social justice radicals in our society love to dye their hair with bright, unnatural colors. While this is a pretty safe indicator that they’re off their rocker and are ready and willing to explode into a tantrum that could result in violence at any moment, it’s becoming increasingly clear that sporting “pronouns” is a pretty solid indicator that you’re dangerous.

Earlier today, the Louisville shooter was discovered to be a 25-year-old employee of Old National Bank. Look at his online social media profile, the man had his pronouns listed.

While one man with pronouns in his bio wouldn’t be enough to truly become wary of pronoun usage, many mass shooters have identified as gender fluid in some capacity. The Nashville school shooting was done by a transgender person, and the media dedicated an inordinate amount of time to trying to figure out what the shooter’s preferred pronouns were.

Transgender activists at SFSU attacked Riley Gaines while she was doing a speaking gig at the University, forcing police to show up to rescue her from the mob.

A transgender militant violently attacked a counter-protester who wasn’t doing anything to incite violence, merely conversation.

You get the idea. If they have pronouns they want you to know and use, then they have a higher likelihood of physically attacking you if you resist using them or don’t respect the ideology they belong to. While not everyone who sports pronouns is a dangerous threat, it’s clearly an indicator that the chances of a violent outburst are greater.

Ironically, the transgender activist community and their allies justify this by declaring that their violence is just a reaction to the violence they suffer at the hands of society. As I made clear in a previous article, this claim of victimhood has been completely fabricated out of thin air.

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They are not under tremendous threat from society, and in fact, their biggest threat is themselves:

While the transgender population is small, even the amount of transgender people who were murdered only amounts to a fraction of a fraction. According to the Williams Institute at UCLA, 1.6 million adults and youth identify as “transgender.” According to Human Rights Campaign, 32 transgender people were killed in the United States in 2022.

If you consider the numbers, the transgender people murdered in the United States equals out to .002 percent of the population, making them one of the least murdered people in the country.

Are transgender people being murdered? Absolutely, and it’s usually by their own hand. According to the National Library of Medicine, 82 percent of transgender individuals consider killing themselves, and of those, 40 percent have tried to kill themselves. That statistic gets higher the younger the transgender person is.

So pronouns aren’t just dangerous to others, they’re dangerous to themselves.

One thing is very clear; transgenderism is a mental illness and submission to it means being okay with the violence that it inflicts on society around it. Rest assured, telling transgender people they’re under attack and in constant danger will cause them to eventually do one of two things. They will either inflict harm on themselves or they will inflict harm on others.

Those who have pronouns in their bio, whether they are transgender or not, are willing to submit themselves to the social rules the transgender activists wish to inflict, which means silence in the face of transgender violence or even cheering if the targets are considered enemies of the social justice movement.

There is nothing about this movement that is good, and pronouns are an indicator that, on some level, a person agrees with this evil.


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