Gina Carano's 'Infamous' Tweet Proves Correct as Mainstream Culture Ignores Dead Christians

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The infamous post that got Gina Carano fired from “The Mandalorian” and denounced by the entirety of Disney was a warning to the people that it’s very easy to turn people into “others” in society. All the government has to do is make sure that a narrative applying to a group saturates people’s daily lives.

For those who never saw it or don’t recall it, Carano posted a meme to her Instagram detailing how the Jewish people were easily rounded up in the streets by the Nazis in Germany because their neighbors had been so saturated with anti-Jewish propaganda that they became the villains of that society that they were willing to hand their Jewish neighbors over. So effective was the propaganda that children would attack Jewish people in the streets.

The point Carano was making was plain. It’s not hard to fall into the trap of believing a people from a certain group are inhuman and if you let the narratives of power-hungry authoritarians consume you, you’ll be no different from the people who fell in line with the Nazi Party. In a time where people are retreating to their socio-political corners with gusto, it was a good reminder not to fall prey to the mistakes of our past.

Disney didn’t see it that way, however. They fired Carano and said this comment was “abhorrent.”

Yet, this week has proved that Carano was right on the money all along. An “othering” is well underway and people are falling for it.

On Monday, a woman claiming she is a transgender male broke into a Christian elementary school and killed six people including three children. It was a moment that should have united the country in outrage and had people truly take notice of the mental illness that pervades the transgender community.

But what ended up happening was more disgusting than many people anticipated.

Immediately, the mainstream media launched into protecting the transgender community as if they were the ones under attack. They blamed the murders of children on the fact that the state of Tennessee didn’t cater enough to the transgender community by providing children services to transition or allowing children to attend drag shows.

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The media went to great effort to show more concern over “misgendering” the shooter than paying homage or respect to the slain. Meanwhile, at the White House, Biden’s press secretary was declaring the Biden administration was sending their hearts out to the trans community “as they are under attack right now.”

As she said this, disgusting comments were surfacing online from low-level anon accounts to leftist influencers mocking and/or celebrating the deaths of Christian children. On Twitter, the “Trans Day of Vengence” was trending and transgender anti-gun activists stormed the Tennessee capitol, attempting to get at politicians and crash sessions on the floor. Despite January 6 being a day that will live in infamy, the leftist press was once again wheeling out the “fiery but peaceful” tone for these “transurrectionists.”

There was even a “die-in” held.

Do you see the pattern?

There is an “othering” occurring right under the noses of many and too many don’t see it. Christians are being killed and targeted and the leftist government and its press want this to be justified. They will serve the narrative that the real victims are the group the killer belonged to. They want to press upon the people that the reason a trans person lost their mind and killed children was that she was driven to it by Christian bitter clingers that hold tightly to antiquated morals and firearms.

You can see this othering taking place in mainstream culture in the way Christians are portrayed. In movies and television, they’re always the fearful hypocrites willing to judge and point fingers while displaying every negative trait under the sun from cowardice to bigotry. They’re the psycho in the room that usually gets what they deserve by the end. The problem was so bad that even Rainn Wilson, former star of “The Office” called out Hollywood for its blatant “anti-Christian bias.”

But even more egregious is the attacks coming from within the churches themselves. A rash of woke preachers has taken to pulpits to chide their congregations about not caring enough about social justice. Drag queens and homosexuals have begun preaching leftism from the pulpit. God’s word is twisted and perverted to fit the agendas of people who would spit on Christ if they ran into him.

The narrative is pretty clear at this point. Christians are oppressors and whoever falls under the protective umbrella of the intersectional left (namely the LGBT community) is the oppressed. The church is the foe of modernity and, according to the radical left, it must be defeated.

This is why six people at a Christian school can be murdered to the sound of applause from the rabble and excuses from the mainstream. This is why the leftist politicians can paint the attacker and her fellow transgender activists as the victims while Christian families mourn their slain children.

The Christians are today’s “othered” and the warning that Gina Carano gave is becoming a sad, repeated reality.


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