Gina Carano's Response to a Hateful Virtue Signaler Is the Way

The internet can be a nasty place but whether or not you want to invite that nastiness into yourself is your choice. Gina Carano consistently exhibits a loving and kind spirit toward people despite the fact that she’s likely one of the most trolled and insulted people in pop culture.


Carano’s character on the Disney+ show “The Mandalorian,” Cara Dune, was a much-beloved character until she defied the transgender mafia by refusing to put pronouns in her Twitter bio. From there, things deteriorated as nothing she said or did could sway the activists and their allies.

After tweeting something of a warning to society about othering one another using the treatment of the Jewish people in Germany by their own neighbors during the time of the Nazis, Disney fired Carano and called her comments “abhorrent” despite co-star Pedo Pascal using Jewish people as a comparison to kids at the border in a tweet of his own.

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Fast forward to Tuesday, and Carano had been tagged relentlessly in a tweet that had been going around that was posted by Kotaku writer Alyssa Mercante. Mercante took an unwarranted swing at Carano by posting a picture of actress Katy O’Brien who plays Elia Kane in “The Mandalorian” with a derogatory message.

“I am living for the fact that The Mandalorian kicked a muscular transphobe off the show and then brought in a muscular lesbian like you know G*na C*rano is seething right now,” tweeted Mercante.


The response was mixed, but it would appear the majority of the responses to this tweet were either defenses of Carano or reminders that the show has gone way downhill since she was kicked off of it.

Indeed, “The Mandalorian’s” third season has been lackluster, reportedly being worse than “The Book of Boba Fett.”

After a few days of people tagging Carano in the post, Carano tweeted out a response on Tuesday that displays pure class. Instead of defending herself, Carano immediately jumped to the defense of O’Brien:

I’ve been tagged in this a bunch so I wanted to say one thing.. please do not engage in hateful comments towards the actress in this pic. I met her on season 2 of Mando I believe and she was a sweetheart. Send her nothing but love.

The person who posted this is sad and got the ugly attention she desired.. but that is not this actresses fault.

It hurts my heart to think that someone is so excited about a job to be met with unjust hate because of ridiculous drama, rumors and heresy. I experienced that and it is cruel, I don’t want anyone else to feel that. Move with care on here.


Unlike Mercante’s tweet, Carano’s tweet was met with overwhelming approval. The people loved the pure class displayed by the actress in the face of so much hate.

And indeed, with so much undeserved anger and vitriol that comes her way, it’s a wonder how Carano manages to maintain so much kindness and class. She is one of the examples of how people should treat each other on a daily basis.

While Carano may have been blacklisted from mainstream studios, she still remains a massive fan favorite and demonstrates daily why she deserves that love and respect.


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