Mandalorian Star Pedro Pascal Is Guilty of the Same Kind of Tweet as Gina Carano, So Why Isn't He Fired?

Let me make it clear from the get-go that I don’t think anyone should be fired over tweets like these, but the hypocrisy over at Disney/LucasFilm is beyond abhorrent. This is in no small part because they’ve filmed one of their latest movies under the shadow of a concentration camp in China, but also because of who they choose to punish and why.


As my colleague, Kyle Becker reported, Carano was fired after she released a Twitter fleet that told the story of how Jews were beaten in the streets in Nazi Germany, not by the Nazis themselves but by their neighbors and even by children. She said that the reason Jewish people became so easy to round up in that time was that their neighbors were made to hate them so much that they turned them over to the authorities themselves. Her post finished with a question.

“How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?”

She’s not wrong. Currently, there’s a push by the hard-left to make anyone to the right of them out to be supervillains. Every person who supported Trump is an insurrectionist according to them, and if you disagree with the “unity” of the Democrat party (a “unity” that resembles the Borg’s version of unity) then you’re a modern-day Nazi.

In fact, the canceling of Carano proves her point. She’s clearly being punished for her ideological stances. Disney can try to tell us that the reason was the tweet, but it definitely wasn’t the tweet that made her too toxic to the brand. We know that because Mandalorian’s main star, Pedro Pascal, tweeted something very, very similar.


As you can see, Pascal is also a fan of making comparisons to Nazi Germany, only he did so with the “kids in cages” narrative that the left had going at the time. This did not make Pascal toxic to any brand and media companies were perfectly willing and enthusiastic to work with him.

If that’s the case, then it’s clear that Carano’s comparison to Nazi Germany wasn’t the reason she got fired, it’s just the excuse. Carano is no stranger to telling it like it is when it comes to cancel culture, internet mobs, and social justice, and in a society where telling the truth makes swaths of people angry, Carano was bound to rub the wrong people raw. They weren’t shocked by this, they were waiting for the opportunity.

Carano was right and Carano was robbed. She was targeted because of her beliefs and pushed out of her job because she was giving a warning against hating your political opponent.

If you’re punishing someone for warning people against hating their political opponents, then your intent and character should come under serious question.


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