Acceptance of the LGBT Lifestyle Has Its Limits

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

I think it’s safe to say that with most things, most people want to be left alone so they can live their own lives the way they wish. However, every now and again, a cycle repeats where a group of people believe their ideas should not on be held by the majority but enforced. If they can’t have those ideas enforced legally then they’ll do so through intense and punishing social pressure.

The LGBT community is one that I’m more than happy to live and let live. I have friends in the community and many of them just want to live their lives peacefully without being bothered. The trouble is that its activist community is rabid, despotic, and unforgiving. This is only bolstered by its hubris grown out of mainstream culture obeying it to the point of servitude.

As I write this, an article just popped up in my feed from the New York Post titled “Hormone therapy for trans kids supported at the ‘highest-levels’ of Biden admin: HHS” if that gives you any idea of just how much the LGBT activist community has Democrats by the short hairs.

As you can see, that aforementioned hubris has infected that activist community so badly that it believes it can now go after your kids. There is a strong belief amongst leftist “educators” that they should be able to indoctrinate your child into either the LGBT lifestyle or an allyship, meaning becoming a supporter or slacktivist for the cause. They’ll do it behind your back in secret if they know you wouldn’t allow it yourself.

While opinions vary about the LGBT community in general, I’m personally of the opinion that what two or more consenting adults do in their own personal lives is their business. I want nothing to do with it as I’m incredibly adamant that people stay out of my business as well.

But as I make no secret, I don’t agree with their lifestyle. I disagree with it on both religious grounds, being a Christian, and I disagree with it from the perspective of a person who sees many engage in that community as either a way to cope with trauma or because they’ve been convinced that in order to be someone they have to accept an identity that’s not theirs.

Many people have been forced into the LGBT community as a result of social pressure, not because they’re gay, lesbian, or transgender. This often has destructive effects, especially on children.

And this is where the “acceptance” of LGBT lifestyles meet a line. This is where people like me, who would rather there not be conflict and just be friends with respected differences, become activated to not only resist but work against the activist community. The activists love to translate this into a desire to destroy or punish the entirety of the LGBT community. This is a red herring meant to scare people into a resistance of their own.

Acceptance of the LGBT lifestyle ends with the forced adoption and participation of their values and habits. The hard line exists where people’s children do. The forced acceptance and participation in a lifestyle that primarily revolves around the sexual habits of adults on children is an invitation to nothing short of a violent reaction.

Part of me believes that LGBT activists are actively trying to push the people to that point because if and when violence does inevitably happen, they can turn around and use that to push both social narratives and state or federal legislation. As we’ve seen, they have no problem attempting to use the DOJ against parents, and while that avenue ended up becoming too politically hot for Democrats to continue down that road, they will try this approach again later on down the line.

But rest assured, violence will be a result of this continued push to force children into the lifestyle. There is no way around it. I don’t know any parents that will stand idly by as mentally ill strangers groom and brainwash their children, and even if the law of the land says this must happen, parents will rebel, revolt, and die if necessary.

My wife and I did not create a child together, spend many sleepless nights and exhausting days nurturing, loving, and dedicating mountains of our resources to our son in whom lies the promise of the future of both our family and our species so that some flash-in-the-pan wack jobs infected with radical politics and a perverted sense of morality could claim him as their own.

He is not theirs. He’s mine. If they would like to test my resolve on this, they need only knock on my door and demand he is handed over.


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