TikTok Influencers Are Trying to Turn Your Kids Trans Behind Your Back, as This Must-See Exposé Shows

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It’s no mystery that there are forces attempting to get access to your kids in order to convince them to sign on to their extremist ideas, and none of these forces are more sinister and tenacious than transgender activists.


And in today’s age of social media, getting access to your children has never been easier, and their focus rests primarily on TikTok. As it stands the short-form video platform is highly trafficked by teenagers and young adults. As such, an activist’s video stands a very high chance of reaching your kid, introducing them to concepts, and convincing them of some horrible things.

Blaire White, a transgender YouTuber and Post Millennial contributor, was looking into the sudden burst of teenagers self-diagnosing with various mental disorders from transgenderism to Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). This led White down a TikTok rabbit hole, the results of which were put into a recent YouTube video uploaded to her channel.

The video is about 20 minutes long but what White details within it is both enraging and horrifying.

White points out that the ones most affected by this TikTok contagion are young girls. Being more socially susceptible to online influencers and social anxiety, these young girls adopt some of these mental illnesses in order to either fit in or even feel special. This doesn’t mean that men and young boys aren’t themselves affected, but the majority appear to be female.

As White points out, the explosion of these disorders is primarily happening around the young, while older men and women aren’t nearly as affected.

Moreover, White points out that some of these influencers talking to your kid are actively encouraging your child to keep their “conversations” a secret from you, the parent. This doesn’t just mean random transgendered people, but medical professionals as well, who give out phone numbers they can call for a secretive consultation.


These procedures that are performed on these younger generations have horrendous consequences, including irreparable damage to their reproductive organs and the ability to have children in the future.

None of this should be surprising, but it’s absolutely integral to see what your kids may very well be seeing whenever they log onto TikTok, if you let them on the app at all.

The transgender activist community is one of the most unrelenting and forceful communities in the western world. As one researcher uncovered, their use of tactics to convince the youth to join their ranks and the methods by which they maintain them within the group mimic those of a cult.

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White’s video shows that they are actively going to where your kids are hanging out in order to begin the process of roping them in. It proves it’s never been more important to monitor what your kid consume, be they children or young teenagers.


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