Rumble Will Become a Concern for YouTube if It Isn't Already

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When it comes to user-generated videos, the king of content is undisputed.

It’s TikTok.

But if we’re talking about longer-form videos that contain a ton of creativity and massive communities for individual creators, then YouTube reigns supreme.


However, YouTube has one fatal flaw; it’s run by YouTube. The Google-owned platform is plagued with leftist activists that truly believe that their side is so right that any other take is somehow damaging and evil. With clear consciences, they censor and ban discriminatorily, with those leaning to the right typically suffering their wrath the most.

Moreover, YouTube has a very bad habit of suddenly changing the rules on its content creators so extremely that even its own partner representatives aren’t notified of changes. Recently, many creators were blindsided by a rule change that made many channels lose a huge chunk of their income overnight.

It’s a horrendous practice, and it’s costing them their reputation and the loyalty of their creators. Many of these creators end up going to alternative platforms, and the undisputed king of the alternative content creation platform is none other than Rumble.

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Rumble is growing at a very fast pace and while it still has a very long way to go in order to catch up to YouTube, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that it could become a threat in the near future.


Joe Rogan recently sat down with Russell Brand to discuss how YouTube, in a way, acts like Rumble’s fertilizer. Every time the mega-platform gives its creators crap, Rumble grows a little taller. Brand himself migrated from YouTube to Rumble after the platform censored him for a mistake he admitted to, but watched as mainstream media sources could lie with impunity and suffer no penalty from the platform at all.

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Moreover, the duo discussed the very interesting point of mainstream sources automatically painting places like Rumble as dangerous and evil, which is kind of hilarious given the fact that it was places like Rumble that were talking openly about the obvious lies surrounding various topics while the mainstream was pushing these lies as facts you must accept.


Between the censorship, abuse of good faith, and instability in its rules, Rumble looks like a safe haven of sanity. The mainstream can paint it as a hangout for extremists and conspiracy theorists all it wants, but eventually, Rumble’s safe harbor and higher income will attract more and more people. As more people switch, the multiplication factor will take effect and, at some point, Rumble will be a very real concern for YouTube.

And it should. Rumble should win and not just because it deserves to, but because it would prove that freedom of speech and a lack of censorship is still preferable by the people. It would prove that adherence to hyper-political agendas and narratives will eventually lose you everything as opposed to hands-off, unbiased stewardship.

And on that note, enjoy RedState’s Rumble page.


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