Russell Brand Isn't Taking YouTube's Obvious Abuse of Bias Quietly, Calls Them Out In New Video

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Actor turned cultural and political commentator Russell Brand has become something of a pariah to the left thanks to his willingness to say things the mainstream isn’t comfortable with. It’s part of this habit of Brand’s that earned him the ire of big tech which has punished him over a small mistake.


However, as Brand pointed out, YouTube punishing him for “misinformation” goes flying out the window when you can blatantly see the mainstream left’s misinformation is still on the site for everyone to be misinformed by.

Brand posted an announcement to Twitter saying that his video had been taken down by YouTube over saying the NIH recommended a treatment when he should have said they’re “trialing” a treatment. Brand admitted that it’s absolutely necessary for him and people like him to be accurate at all times and that this mistake was his.

That said, Brand immediately points out that while YouTube is quick to act against him for his mistakes, mainstream media outlets like MSNBC get to post blatant misinformation that remains up on the site even after a lot of time has passed.

To prove his point, he includes a clip of Rachel Maddow stating that the COVID-19 vaccine stops the virus cold and doesn’t allow it to transmit from person to person. This is a demonstrably false claim, yet YouTube has taken no action.

Brand asks the question about whether there’s a double standard on YouTube with one set of rules for independent YouTube channels and another for major news networks on YouTube.


The obvious answer is “yes,” and as such, Brand is making it so that all of his content is first uploaded and streamed to Rumble in order to avoid content being censored in the future.

YouTube’s willingness to censor anyone whose opinion differs from the mainstream left’s is a given at this point. Certain things can’t even be questioned if the left deems it so, including election integrity, but only of the 2020 election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

YouTube’s blatant bias is causing more and more content creators to migrate to Rumble. In essence, YouTube’s own willingness to practice an extreme form of bias is paving the way for its own downfall.


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