Loyalty to the Idea, Not the Label

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Labels are a good thing. Despite what some of the “coexist” bumper sticker crowd may claim, labels are necessary to navigate life safely and comfortably. Labels allow people viewing the object in question to make wise decisions about it, and allow people to identify something and act accordingly based upon its pre-established patterns.

As a wise man once said, if labels don’t matter then take all the labels off of your kitchen supplies and medications and see how long you last.

However, labels go beyond what you’ll find in your pantry. We often label people as well, and those labels carry with them certain connotations. These labels go a long way into forming tribes, and tribes go a long way into forming ideologies, and visa-versa.

These labels will define people for you long before you get to know them, and in today’s day and age, our labels define us more than ever before. It makes people form opinions about you before you even open your mouth. These opinions can range from accurate to wildly unfair. For conservatives, the latter is usually the case for anyone used to listening to mainstream narratives.

But conservatives aren’t immune to this either. Hearing that someone belongs to this group or that group may immediately put a conservative on alert, and they may prepare for vitriol, hatred, or at the very least, a very spirited debate the moment they reveal their own label.

But we can be wrong too.

Humanity is a lot more nuanced than many of us wish to think about. It’s far easier for us to rely on labels and live in a world that’s more black and white than shades of grey. It does make organizing the concepts of this world easier to do, but it also causes us to miss out on a lot more.

Case in point, earlier today I wrote a piece discussing how lesbians seem to be resisting the transgender movement’s hostile takeover of their spaces. Many in the conservative movement may never stop to think about it, but many lesbians don’t buy into this “gender-fluid” idea, and this number seems to increase all the time.

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This isn’t often talked about, especially in mainstream culture. In fact, judging by the all-encompassing label “LGBT” you would think that lesbians were one more group dedicated to wiping out traditionalism in America and instituting a new age of forced homosexual acceptance and possibly participation.

But what if the label has us missing the nuance and lesbians may end up being one of the greatest allies in the war to halt the transgender blitzkrieg of our society? What if many of these lesbians don’t even want to fall in with the “LGBT” movement’s label? What if many of them…are actually conservatives?

To be sure, there are outspoken lesbian conservatives. Arielle Scarcella is likely the most popular among them and has been fighting against the transgender takeover for some time now. Her YouTube channel has recently dedicated a lot of time to the issue. Her following is rather large and there are quite a few lesbians who watch her.

To be sure, she shares a label with a group that has popularly attempted to deconstruct America and punish those who want to stick to traditional values, but she and her followers have proved that labels can be deceptive. It’s the ideas she holds that really count at the end of the day.

And her ideas, at least a good deal of them, may look a lot like yours.

The battle for the soul of America will take a lot of people to win, and the American ideal is one that is shared by many different types of people. That’s what makes it so magical and powerful. If you hold to it, may not be surprised to find yourself standing side by side with an elf.

Or how about side by side with a friend, at least one you’d never thought you’d make.


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