There Is a Massive Rift Forming in the LGBT Community

If you’ve been reading up on the hate being thrown at people like Dave Chappelle and J.K. Rowling, you may have come across the word “TERF,” which stands for “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist.” It’s a made-up term from the trans community to paint women who want men identifying as women out of women’s spaces as evil.


But as of late, the term has been embraced. Chappelle proudly embraced the term in his recent comedy special “The Closer,” and as time goes on, more and more women find themselves falling into that column. And who can blame them? Women’s spaces are being increasingly hijacked by men when you really get down to the facts.

This includes sports, where there’s a push for transgender exclusion in women’s competitions due to the unfair nature of men being generally physically stronger and larger.

But another space currently being invaded by the transgendered is lesbian spaces, be it hangouts or forums, and to say the least, it’s making them increasingly angry to the point of embracing the TERF term.

In the grand scheme, this isn’t actually new. Lesbians have been forced to embrace the transgender community under the LGBT umbrella, even to the point where lesbians were forced out of their communities if they didn’t. In 2019, Tucker Carlson interviewed Julia Beck, a lesbian activist who was kicked out of the Baltimore LGBT committee after bringing up the fact that women’s spaces should remain women’s spaces and that there are biological realities.


Around that time, the fear of “lesbian erasure” was coming to the forefront, and lesbian publications wrote a joint statement condemning the invasion of single-sex spaces by biological males identifying as women.

But the invasion continued, and now lesbian women are speaking out more and more. On Reddit, one woman confessed that she used to be scared to identify as a TERF, but after watching her women-only spaces be invaded by men, she’s readily embracing the term.

It’s easy to understand why lesbians are upset. Theirs is a particular space that doesn’t just revolve around community, it’s also important for romantic and sexual relationships. The invasion of that by men is, by and large, completely antithetical to the purpose of their exclusive spaces.

They take their intrusion very personally.

It may sound odd, given that lesbians fall under the LGBT banner, but it would appear that lesbians acknowledge the fact that is biological sex just as much as other groups do, such as conservatives.

More interesting is the fact that this isn’t talked about very often in the media, and it’s no wonder. If for any reason, lesbians learned that many other lesbians felt the same, it might trigger something of a full-on revolt against the transgender community, and possibly a very strong movement to remove the “T” from “LGBT.”


With it not being quite so reported, many lesbians may feel like they have to discuss this in private areas and not make their feelings publicly known.

But it’s pretty clear that there is a developing rift within the LGBT community, and the force exhibited by the transgender community may push other groups too far, and they may suddenly find themselves isolated with far less support than they started with.



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