Even Rats Have Reputations, and Kamala Harris Is Sinking

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

When the rats start jumping ship, you know things are bad, and for Vice President Kamala Harris, things are really bad.

Harris is the ultimate example of how someone can fail upward. She’s incompetent, impersonal, awkward, and while she puts up a decent front, the moment you really get to know her, her failings really start to stand out. In terms of being a leader on the world stage, these faults stick out like a flare in a dark room.

The truth is, Harris was a bad idea from the word “go.” When the DNC selected her as Joe Biden’s running mate, I was pretty sure she’d sink the campaign. I highlighted how she’d been tossed out of the running in the Democrat’s 2020 primary quite early and that the information Tulsi Gabbard had uncovered and divulged about her time as California’s attorney general was enough to sink her political career for the rest of her life, and likely bring Biden down with her.

I was wrong, but only about the timing.

Harris’s problems still follow her around and she’s only added more mistakes on top of them, including her do-nothing strategy when it comes to securing the border she was put in charge of and cackling whenever a hard question was thrown her way.

More and more, it’s clear that Harris has become a liability and the administration she’s supposedly second-in-command of is distancing itself from her more and more. If there was a chance she’d ever be President, that chance is looking slimmer and slimmer every day. Apparently, even members of her own staff know this and as my colleague Sister Toldja reported on Thursday, these staffers are departing one after the other.

This includes the departure of Symone Sanders, the senior adviser and chief spokesperson for Harris, who is looking to walk out the door at the end of the month, and two more that were just announced on Wednesday.

The rats are jumping ship, and it’s likely because its sinking is assured at this point. There’s nowhere to go but down, and they’d rather not be known as the rats that were aboard when it happens.

As Ed Morrissey pointed out on Thursday, Harris’s failure would be known as their failure and they would rather not carry that burden around with them after the last vestiges of Harris’s political career dip beneath the waves:

Harris’ Icarus act has already begun its plunge back to Earth, and the staffers don’t want to take the blame for the crash. Harris has turned into a millstone around Biden’s neck, which is remarkable considering the millstone he himself is at the same time. Harris’ trainwreck has staffers looking for better opportunities already, perhaps from the realization that Harris has little or no chance of competing for a presidential nomination after the debacle of her first few months on the biggest political stage.

Harris is, more or less, an irreparable part of an already very broken machine. Spending time and effort into fixing it would probably be more trouble than it’s worth, so abandoning her is a solid move.

The question is, will this actually save them?

As it stands, it appears that Harris is about to be told to walk the plank and a replacement found for her before the next presidential election. It’s already bad enough that Democrat voters don’t even want to see Biden on the next ticket.

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But the failure is already there and it’s very, very apparent.

My prediction is that when the blame for the failure of the Biden administration begins to fall on various individuals, you’re going to see these people selected for the proverbial guillotine, but rest assured, they’ll likely point the blame on those who were pulling the strings above.

I think the Democrat civil war is about to kick into overdrive and the pieces are just being arranged at this point. The DNC will likely try to appease those who could do real damage if they talk, but it’s highly likely that there will be no way to stop the blame game once it starts, and when it does, you’re going to watch the knives come out real fast.


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