Democrat Voters Say They've No Confidence in Biden's Electability in 2024 and Want Someone Else

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

“Let’s go, Brandon,” says the right…and the left.

As first covered by The Hill, a new poll found that a majority of Democrat voters believe that when it comes to 2024, Biden needs to be left behind in favor of someone more capable and, on top of that, able to win against a Republican contender:


The NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist poll found 44 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents believe that a new nominee will give them their best shot at victory in the next presidential election, while 36 percent want the party to stick with Biden. Another 20 percent aren’t sure.

The findings are a foreboding sign for Biden, whose victory in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary hinged on his argument that he was the most electable candidate in a head-to-head match-up with now-former President Trump.

Biden’s poll numbers have plummeted at a rapid pace since January, and it’s easy to see why. The economy is in the tank, Afghanistan withdrawal was a disaster, our border crisis is out of control, crime is skyrocketing, the Democrats aren’t capable of coming to the table with anything worth passing, and anytime someone wants direct answers from him they get to watch as he turns his back and walks away.

He’s clearly not well as evidenced by the fact that he can barely string a coherent sentence together. It’s also clear that his own people know that since he’s admitted to the press during moments of forgetfulness that he’s not allowed to take questions.

Biden’s response to his crashing poll numbers? He doesn’t seem to mind. According to the New York Post, he said poll numbers aren’t why he ran for president. That’s kind of true. The reason he ran for president is that the DNC saw him as the only viable candidate to beat then-President Donald Trump, which he did. But as you can see, the buyer’s remorse quickly set in. It wasn’t long before people realized something weird was happening and who they voted for wasn’t all that he was sold to be.


At some point, Democrats will need to kick Biden to the curb to remain as a contender for office. The party that backs Biden will not be looked on kindly and it’s likely Democrats know this. They might have known it from the beginning given Biden’s random references to the “Harris Administration” and the demand by the administration that it be called the “Biden/Harris administration.”

But speculation aside, if they didn’t they’re probably thinking about it now. Democrats aren’t fond of Biden and by the time 2024 rolls around, their opinion of him will be so far in the toilet that they’ll need a miracle to get it back up, and while the Democrat media machine is powerful, it’s not powerful enough to save a man that can’t be saved.

Biden served his usefulness. Don’t be surprised if they move on from him sooner than later.


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