Guess Which Network Aired the First Black Female Lt. Governor's Speech...Guess Which Ones Didn't

If you were to listen to CNN or MSNBC, you’d think Fox News and the conservatives who watch it are the most divisive, racist, sexist, and all-around evil people on the planet, yet it was only Fox News and the conservatives who watch it that tuned in to see the speech of the first black female Lt. Governor.


Winsome Sears beamed to the crowd after she and Virginia’s Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin won over Terry McAuliffe and the Democrat machine in a blue state. The crowd was equally charged and took some time to die down, only doing so after a “Winsome” chant.

What followed was a superb speech about her humble beginnings, her pride as a marine, and her love of this country she immigrated to from Jamaica. She also warned that there are those out there who wish to divide us and want us to live like we’re back in the civil rights era.

However, unless you were watching Fox News, you never would have seen this since those leftist news networks who claim they’re fighting hard against racism and bigotry refused to air this historic moment on their networks. Only the network they claim to be the racist, sexist, bigoted network aired this speech.

As the Media Research Center covered on Wednesday, the leftist networks snubbed Sears in favor of complaining that Youngkin won his victory using racist dog whistles:

Winsome Sears made history in Virginia as the state’s first African American Lieutenant Governor. Jason Miyares became the first Hispanic to win Virginia’s Attorney General seat. Yet the network morning shows on Wednesday ignored their historic wins. Late on Tuesday night, the liberal CNN and MSNBC did even worse. They skipped playing any of Sears’s victory speech.


This is, in part, one of the reasons Democrats are losing so much support, and the leftist news networks that generate narratives on their behalf are losing viewers. It’s clear that the idea Youngkin was elected on the back of racism is a complete and total lie. Sears’ mere presence is a testament to this.

If Youngkin is a white supremacist, then he’s the worst one we’ve ever seen.

Ignoring Sears as much as possible is necessary for the leftist narrative that Republicans are racist to survive, but it’s a narrative that’s doomed to fail. At some point, people are going to get tired of being lied to and misrepresented. Voters pulled the lever for Youngkin and Sears over the mounting issues the Democrat party is either exacerbating or doing nothing about, which is a perfectly legitimate reason to do so.

Voting on the issues and then being called a racist for doing so is only going to backfire, yet that’s exactly what Democrats are doing. They’re not hearing the people or analyzing why they lost a blue state to Republicans. Instead, they’re telling themselves stories and making excuses.


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Moreover, they’re labeling Americans as racists in the process and doing so as the people they’re throwing these accusations at cheer for a black woman who just achieved high office.

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