Winsome Sears Drops Jemele Hill With Perfect Response to 'White Supremacy' Claim

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Winsome Sears has been the winner of the Lt. Governor seat in Virginia for about a day now and she’s already making a national name for herself.

Last night, she rocked the house with a terrific victory speech during which she said she was the embodiment of the American dream and lead a rollicking chant of “USA! USA!”


Sears took a hammer to the racist Democratic narrative not just about the Virginia race but the nonsense that they push nationally. She took on the media — issuing a challenge to Joy Reid who accused Republicans of being “dangerous to our national security” and pushing “soft white nationalism” that leads to the “hardcore stuff.”

Sears also did a little more to do in those Democratic narratives.


But that wasn’t all. Sears also issued an excellent response to the rabidly left writer Jemele Hill, who again pushed that somehow what happened was all about white supremacy. Notice they never explain how that is, but it’s all about demonizing America and Americans. Funny, though, voters don’t like that and this is the result.

“It’s not the messaging, folks,” Hill tweeted. “This country simply loves white supremacy.”

“We beg to differ,” Team Winsome responded with a picture of her holding a rifle.

Nicely done, Team Winsome!

Democrats don’t bother to explain how those “white supremacists” racist voters in Virginia voted for a black Lt. Governor and a Hispanic Attorney General. They just skip over all that reality.

Somehow I’m thinking that Hill didn’t get the message before. But Sears certainly gave her a talking to there. Hill is upset the Democrats who had a blackface governor lost. She’s upset that the first black woman to win statewide office got elected. That’s something one would think Hill would celebrate. But in attacking the GOP, Hill exposed how her objection has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with politics. She’s just using racism as a club to hit people with to keep Democrats in power.


But that worn-out tactic may finally have been swept away in the red wave last night.


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