Jim Jordan Checkmates "Defund the Police" Movement and Democrats Keeping Guards Around the Capitol in One Tweet

Jim Jordan Checkmates "Defund the Police" Movement and Democrats Keeping Guards Around the Capitol in One Tweet
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Ohio Republican and all-around political jiujitsu master Jim Jordan put the left flat on its back, and exposed both just how hypocritical the left is and how they see themselves versus how they see you, in just one tweet.

On the heels of the news that Democrats are calling for permanent fencing and troops around the U.S. Capitol, Jordan couldn’t help but notice that the left was awfully concerned with protecting itself from a danger that happened over two months ago and, according to intel reports, is not in danger of happening again. Simultaneously, when it comes to the riots that the Democrats fear happening, they only seem to care about riots affecting them.

When they affect you, it’s apparently not a big deal at all.

So it is that Democrats and the left have been calling to defund police departments all over the United States, which has been absolutely confirmed to invite more problems than not.

“Isn’t it strange how Democrats want to defund the police in your neighborhood, but are totally fine with hiring more police at the U.S. Capitol to protect politicians?” tweeted Jordan.


Indeed, defunding the police has had a massively adverse effect on any department that went that route. Minneapolis Democrats stood behind the calls for defunding the police department, and while they never got around to it, much of their police force abandoned the city and sought jobs elsewhere, upon learning their city council was effectively planning on abandoning them. The loss of officers increased crime by leaps and bounds:

Fox News reported that crime skyrocketed in the city with 5,237 violent crimes reported so far. Compare that to the 4,169 logged in 2019. As of the writing of this article, Minneapolis murders have hit 78 compared to 45 murders in 2019. That’s an increase of 83 percent.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey threatened to veto the original defund bill which would have capped the police force off at 750, bringing it down from 888. He called the move “irresponsible.”

The threat is very real for you, but not for Washington, D.C. As Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton made clear in an op-ed for Fox News, he sits on the intelligence committee, which has not been informed of any credible threat that would continue to justify troop presence. Still, out of “fear” that trouble will return if they move the troops, the Democrats keep them in place.

They value their safety. They sure don’t seem to value yours.

They want armed guards and barriers up at all times. They certainly don’t think you need them.

Jordan’s tweet is an eye-opening and a stark reminder that Democrat politicians don’t actually care about you.

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