The Kabuki Theater At the Capitol Is About to Get Worse, and It Should Anger You

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

If one were to go to Washington D.C. today and walk around the Capitol Building, to the extent that you can even get close to it these days, you’d be mistaken for thinking you were in a third-world country. The current fortifications and military presence feel much more apt for an embassy in Baghdad than they do for the center of the U.S. government.


We are now over two months out since the January 6th riot, where the most recent information shows that not a single person was killed with malice or intent except for a woman shot by police. If what occurred was a “coup” attempt or an “insurrection,” it was the worst in human history. Regardless, there have been no credible threats since that day. The hysteria over March 4th turned out to be absolute nonsense, for example.

Despite that, Democrats and the Capitol Police are intent on keeping this Kabuki theater going. Last week, reports came out that the National Guard was being requested to stay another two months. Now, that’s morphing into something more permanent.

There’s no justification for this at all. January 6th was an unacceptable event, but it was also unique in that a large crowd was already gathered and the possibility of things getting out of hand was apparent to authorities. There was also a lot of confusion among even those who participated in the riot. I’m finding precious little evidence that most of the people who entered the Capitol had any real plan to do anything but take selfies. That doesn’t make what they did right, but it does speak to the probability and seriousness of any future threat, which is the major question at this point.


We’ve now had “intelligence” of attacks on all 50 state capitals fall flat, as well as multiple supposed threats on the Capitol itself not materialize. It’s clear that monitoring 4chan boards is not producing anything of actual value, and there’s no reason to use that as an excuse to militarize the Capitol permanently. There is no threat that actually requires fencing, much less a permanent guard presence. In the event a major protest happens again, that can be planned for and dealt with as a single event with heightened security. What’s happening now is well beyond what makes any sense whatsoever, which leaves me to assume that it’s all purely political.

It’s becoming more and more clear that this won’t stop until Republicans retake the House, thereby regaining control of the power to dictate the security situation. Right now, Nancy Pelosi is loving every minute of this, and she doesn’t care how hypocritical she appears in the process. These politicians are fine with wasting tens of millions of dollars on pointless security theater for themselves while they refuse to secure the border or protect your neighborhood. It’s truly a contrast between the ruling class and everyone else, and it should make you angry.




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