Bernie Sanders Shows Support for Hamas in Latest False Anti-Trump, Anti-Israel Video

Vermont Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders has always had a habit of backing the bad guy on the international stage, and he’s not letting up anytime soon it seems.


For instance, Sanders can’t stop singing the praises of socialism, yet seems to flat out refuse to answer questions about Venezuela when asked. Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, the dictator currently running the show in Venezuela, has presided over a socialist government that has left the people starving, and without basic necessities, which has led to some serious violence in the streets. Yet Sanders won’t take the hint and continues to push for a socialist Utopia that cannot exist in the reality we live in (as I explain in detail here).

But Sanders’ arrested ideological development of graduating from an enthusiastic socialist youth to wizened old capitalist who actually learned something about life has caused him to continue rooting for the bad guys as can be seen by his recent support of Hamas terrorists.

As I covered earlier Wednesday, the mainstream media narrative that Israel is killing innocent Palestinians has collapsed on itself as the internet released photos, videos, and even interviews from Hamas leaders themselves, all basically destroying the idea with extreme prejudice. The mainstream media has apparently not realized that in the age of the internet, they are now subjected to speaking with the public instead of at the public.

Sanders, obviously incapable of getting with the times, has not learned this lesson either, and pushed a video from his Twitter that basically painted the Hamas terrorists as innocent civilians that the Israeli’s are just killing and abusing.


If you can’t or won’t stomach the video, then the rundown goes something like this: The Trump administration is uncaring of the plight of innocent Palestinians who are currently being murdered and injured by an oppressive Israel who won’t let these poor Palestinians just live their life.

Only we found out through Hamas’ own admission that the “more than 50 Palestinians” referred to by Sanders were, in fact, Hamas soldiers that were attacking Israel. Rest assured, this wasn’t a protest, it’s just another day in an ongoing war.

Oddly, the fact that many of those Palestinians killed by Israel were terrorists is not necessarily unknown news. That information is currently circulating around the internet in one of those rare moments when the truth is pacing the lie. Yet, Sanders is continuing to push the blatant lie to anyone who will listen.

Clearly, there’s something wrong with Sanders, who is more than willing back what is obviously evil. That he’s the most popular politician in America is disturbing.



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