The Really Awful Reason Why the Pope Doesn't Talk About Islamic Terrorism

Islamic terror is a very real, and ever present danger that consistently makes threats against innocent lives, and then proceeds to make good on them by killing hundreds.

From the truck driver in Nice, and the Paris attacks in France. The San Bernardino, and Orlando attacks in America. And a laundry list of occurrences in various parts of the world, Islamic terrorism is a threat that is open and clear about what it wants, and what it intends to do by those who uphold its tenets.

A recent attack in Normandy had two followers of Islam walk into a Catholic church during mass, where they slit the throat of the priest, and severely injured a nun. This church was on a hit list, and for the reason many targets of ISIS were singled out. It’s because Catholicism, or Christianity as a whole, is opposed to Islam.

So you would think that the Pope, the holy leader of Catholicism would speak out against Islam, and the violence it consistently plagues the world with.

No dice. The Pope has long stayed silent in regards to Islam’s inspiration behind terror attacks and he doesn’t plan to start now, even with his church coming under attack. Why?

From NBC News:

“I do not like to talk about Islamic violence because every day when I skim the papers … I read about violence in Italy: this one who killed the girlfriend, another killed the mother-in-law … and they are all baptized Catholics,” he said aboard a Rome-bound flight from Poland on Sunday.

“If I talk about Islamic violence, then I also have to talk of Catholic violence. Not all Muslims are violent, just like not all Catholics are violent,” the pontiff added. “It’s like a mixed fruit salad. There is a bit of everything. There are violent people in all religions.”

In short, the Pope doesn’t want to point out Islamic terror, because people who belong to other religions commit violence too. The Pope goes on to explain further, comparing the most successful economic system to terrorism.

The pope went on to suggest that capitalism is another form of terrorism: “When you place at the center of the world economy the ‘God of Money,’ that’s terrorism against all humanity.”

Pope SJW the First is completely missing the point. Yes, many people of many faiths do violence, but Islam is the one carried out in the name of said faith. A man may beat his wife, but he’s not doing so in the name of Christ. He’s doing it because he’s a bully. The killings in Chicago may be carried out by those who attended church with grandma on Sundays as a kid, but die a few years later in the name of a gang, not in the name of God.

Furthermore, Capitalism generates more charity than any other economic system, so I’m not sure how terrorism even factors into it.

Christianity and Islam stand directly opposed to one another. This is easy to see, especially by the way Islamic terrorists are consistently trying to kill innocent Christians. It’s worrisome that the head of the Catholic church refuses to acknowledge that the enemy isn’t just at the gate, it’s through it.