Maybe Call it ‘The Rake-Stepper Party’ -- Bill Kristol Fails as He Forms a Third Party and Manages to Quit During the Planning

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It is safe to say the GOP will not be missing this kind of brilliance.

It has been said that a Joe Biden victory was going to become the hardest result for the Never Trump faction in this country. Without the accursed Orange Scourge, as they called him for years, they have no other purpose. Well it appears these deep thinkers are coming to a realization that they are not about to be welcomed back into the fold of Conservatives.


Member of The Lincoln Project Steve Schmidt just announced he is registering as a Democrat, provoking yawns across the country. Now comes Bulwark fixture Admiral Bill Kristol with his cagey idea – since he appears to currently be without a tribe he has a thought to form a third party. Based on the results of his proposal this will go swimmingly.

Fine work right out of the gate, as he links to a page that no longer exists. But Bill has only started with the fumbling. After finding the pic he wanted — a stirring image of…an owl, just sitting on a branch — Bill ran into his next challenge in forming a peaceful, centrist, problem-solving political alternative. As someone alerted him later in the day, there was already an owl employed politically as a symbol, and Bill may not want to be associated with it.

The reason that they chose the owl back then was as a commentary about politics, as it was the acronym for Out With Logic. Very fitting for Kristol’s endeavor here, but not one he would care to embrace. By late afternoon Bill was already wavering on his new venture.


Not even 8 hours elapsed before Bill abandons his idea. He still seems attached to the concept, and holds a glimmer of hope as he is just waiting for people to rise up with energy and support his new cause. Few did so with any energy.

As Bill vacillated he only went on to sound more confusing. His proposed party would be a hybrid of Republican-Democratic ideals, with a mixture of ill-defined principles from both, since the whole idea of a third party is that the other choices are not worthwhile. So naturally he will incorporate elements of both failed systems…?

By this point Bill has lost the focus. He went off on a tangent about how many ideas are formed in coffee shops…for some reason.


Um, so have we just abandoned the whole Owl concept? Is that no longer a thing? By now we are not even sure what is happening, or if anything is actually happening. It just seems like his new party may, or may not, be starting in a Starbucks somewhere in New York, and possibly has owls involved — or it doesn’t.

Kristol sort of wrapped things on his new proposal by reverting back to his current endeavors, a sign that he probably is dropping the whole idea while insisting that he is still doing valid work.

Here’s the thing, Bill — maybe you should have first called your quorum with these like-minded souls and tabled your new bird idea with them. This sounds like an enterprise that requires a few differing viewpoints in order to mold a cogent game plan and develop a selling strategy to build up a new coalition.


Chances are things could have been fleshed out better before bringing your idea to the masses, instead of brainstorming on social media and coming off sounding like the town lush who sits in the local tavern, muttering and shouting about owls and Trump as you sit at a small table in a dark corner while the waitress tentatively delivers the next can of Truly pomegranate crystal seltzer.

One thing we can be assured about, the conservatives are comfortable this idea man is nesting in other trees today. 



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