The Weekend Document Dump - Woke Thunder Lizards and Rick Wilson Battling Rick Wilson

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Gathering the off-kilter items from the news cycle across Townhall properties.

Looking across the sites from the Townhall landscape there is plenty of head-scratching to be had, so here in easily digestible capsule form are some of the items to pour forth from the feverish minds of the press, the left, the entertainment, and the political spectrums. As always, govern yourselves accordingly.



Russell Crowe Needs To Do EVERY Movie Promotion

As noted earlier by the nation’s foremost writer on all things entertaining Russell Crowe is helping to pry open the doors to the nation’s movie theaters with a brand new motion picture, ‘’Unhinged’’. I interviewed Crowe and the production team about the film and the challenges of opening a film in this pandemic environment, but also behold why the Aussie thespian should do every trailer promotion. (Caution – some language, NSFW, PG-13, ETC.)


Thunder Lizard Sensitivity Training

As we are in a period where it is required to find problems in the most problem-free portions of our culture of course there has to be something wrong with monster movies. Matt Vespa at Townhall found where one academic must have thrown out his back attempting to contort a problematic narrative concerning the ‘’Godzilla’’ films, in particular the first one, released in 1954. There is apparently white-washing at play, and covering up some of the political narrative, and frankly it is all enough to make one punch a wall, or do even further damage.


If Vegans Are Eating Themselves Is That A Violation? 


On the subject of finding problems because you are looking for them, Jazz Shaw at HotAir discovered the newest example of hysteria — racist vegetarians.  It’s the kind of things reserved for low-grade parody sites; the community is dominated by white women, there is cultural appropriation with the food, and the like. Of course what does not get addressed is the question about those alleging the intolerance; do they eat any of the dishes ‘’improperly’’ named, and adapting ingredients from other cultures? It sounds like it is only improper for one group to eat the ‘’wrong’’ food. Don’t even get us started on White rice…


When The Lincoln Project Makes A Double Stand

It has been a fun week for Rick Wilson, the infamous Never-Trump member who is gradually unravelling before our eyes. He began things by cheering the loss of Tulsi Gabbard in a Hawaiian primary, in which Gabbard was not participating in, but sure; ‘’yay’’, we suppose. Then later in the week the man who loves to state ‘’There is always a tweet’’ to criticize the president, while perpetually getting tripped up by his own older tweets, was again undone when the Lincoln Project account sent out a message. TLP made a comment in full support of Mail-in voting, and it took mere moments for it to be found Wilson had in the past made firm statements in opposition to the practice. Rick should seek a job with the USPS, because he just keeps delivering.



The Great White Outdoors

Well in this age of everything being a racial issue why not go full woke outrage? It is now being said that the outdoors are racist because not enough POC individuals go camping. The LA Times had a full explainer of a column, the main takeaway being that the main thing preventing POC camping is the cost of gear. Bypassing that you can get reasonable items for this venture at Wal-Mart how about the soft bigotry of the writer in assuming that those too poor to camp are automatically black? The other irony missed by the paper — in its very city they have thousands living in tents on the streets every night.


Was The Cartoon Rated-R

There was some tie-in product outrage when it was discovered by one mother that her daughter’s toy from the movie ‘’Trolls World Tour’’ had a disturbing design issue. There were buttons on the character to press and have it speak or react. One such button was intended to have the troll react when it sits down, but this meant the button was located between the legs. This meant when you press there it laughs and coos, a rather inappropriate design that somehow passed numerous committee meetings. 


      Nanny Streaming

We have been saying for a while that it is just a matter of time that the film ‘’Blazing Saddles’’ would come under fire from the new woke militia, and it appears we are on the verge. At the new HBO Max streaming service they have the film available to watch in your home, but in order to do so a lecture must first be endured. The service offers up a 3 minute tutorial to warn everyone of the very obvious racial satire in the film. ‘’As the storyline implies the issue of race is front and center in Blazing Saddles.’’ Despite this HBO feels the need to hold our hands and guide us through the blatant display. This seems more ignorant than some of the townsfolk shown on screen.



The Raptor We Don’t Deserve

To close out on an upbeat note, there was this beautiful metaphor for all of us to appreciate. An eagle taking it to the government is such a grand display, you have to love it.


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