Left-Wingers Claim Trump Had to Be Guided Off Stage, Then the Video Emerged

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Is Donald Trump having the same physical and cognitive issues as Joe Biden? That's the latest claim from the left-wing podcast bro circuit, as they frantically search for any way to deflect from the current president's struggles. 


As RedState reported, the White House in conjunction with the press has been asserting that the various viral videos of Biden freezing up and needing to be led away are "cheap fakes." The reality is that the videos are completely unaltered and show exactly what they purport to show. That's left Democrats in a bit of a pickle. Yeah, they can tell people not to believe their eyes and ears, but normal political strategy says to go on the offensive to minimize the political liability.

Thus, you get stuff like this from Brian Tyler Cohen, an MSNBC contributor and podcast host of a show ironically named "No Lie." It's probably time to rethink that title after this. 

Is it true that Trump was led off stage by his son because he's so old and feeble? The answer is no, and anyone who has seen the former president operate at rallies over the last several months would immediately know it's not true. Whatever one wants to say about Trump, he still has the physical capability to walk normally. Biden, on the other hand, looks like an animatronic wax figure when he moves. His arms barely move if at all, and his gait is painfully choppy. He has to wear special shoes just to get around, even at formal events. There is zero comparison. 


So what really happened? Trump momentarily touched his son's hand to greet him before casually walking off the stage unassisted.

There is nothing about that video that points to the former president being feeble in any respect. The fact that Cohen and other leftwingers tried to pass off that picture as Trump being led around shows how desperate they are. Biden's senility is getting to them. It's not going away, and it is a major political liability. Trying to point fingers at Trump isn't going to work because again, we have eyes and ears. We can hear his slurring speech and see his frail physical presentation. We see him falling over and over, so much so that Biden's handlers had to switch to using the short stairs on Air Force One. 

I hate to break it to Democrats, but you're stuck. This is your nominee, and he's not going to de-age before our eyes. Good luck at the upcoming debate. 



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