'Keeps Falling,' Trump Releases Videos of Biden That Will Have You Rolling

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The most insane presidential campaign of all time continues apace, and it's leaving people with two choices. One can either fret about it or laugh about it, and the latter is probably much healthier in the long run. 


Luckily, Donald Trump is providing the comedic relief we all need amid the continued crumbling of the nation's social fabric. Hey, if the ship is going down, we might as well enjoy the ride, right? 

I'll admit that despite me being far more concerned about policy these days than the "show," I busted out laughing at "KEEPS FALLING" in all caps as the only caption on the video. If you can't watch it, it's a parody of the hit song "Free Falling" that begins with a litany of clips of Joe Biden being creepy and senile. He's seen sniffing kids, staring blankly, and getting confused while trying to walk off a stage (something that has happened repeatedly over the last several years). 

When the chorus kicks in, the president is then shown falling multiple times. His infamous face plant at the USAF commencement makes an appearance, and who could forget when he fell off his bike while trying to talk to the press while on vacation? Of course, what provided the most fodder for the video was Biden's numerous stumbles while trying to board Air Force One. The short stairs even make an appearance, having not solved the issue.


Trump wasn't done, though. He then posted the following video of Biden having no idea how to walk through a door set to the "Visiting Angels" jingle. 

I hope my friend (and radio host) Chris Stigall gets credit for that because he's been doing the "Visiting Angels" bit for years. I'm pretty sure it originated with him.

Believe it or not, there's a strategy behind all this. Yes, it's funny, but I would suspect nothing has helped build Trump's current polling lead more than the painting of Biden (accurately) as old and senile, incapable of competently fulfilling the office of the presidency. The risk is Biden being so pumped full of amphetamines that he appears sentient at the coming debates, shifting public perception. 

Color me skeptical there's a drug strong enough to accomplish that feat, though. He may not pass out on stage, but like his recent State of the Union address, it'll be obvious what's going on.


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