Greg Abbott Was Right About Illegal Immigrant Bussing

AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills

Greg Abbott was right. That's the story as blue states, including New York and Massachusetts, continue to see an influx of illegal immigrants due to the bussing strategy of Abbott and other red state governors like Ron DeSantis.

On Thursday, the Massachusetts National Guard was mobilized by the state's governor as resources continue to be stretched thin, and things have gotten so bad that even New York politicians are now criticizing the Biden administration's border policies. None of that was a certainty last year as Abbott stepped to the forefront amidst an avalanche of accusations of mistreatment of illegal immigrants. 

Still, he followed through, sending those who had crossed into his state illegally to places like Los Angeles, New York, and even to Vice President Kamala Harris' front door

But while the criticism from the Democratic Party was expected, what wasn't expected were the prominent Republicans who decided to go after Abbott, calling his move a "photo-op" and "stunt." Those Republicans included Kari Lake and Steve Bannon

Lake made the comments during an appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas on Friday, saying she was “not a fan” of the program that has also been implemented by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey.

“It’s a cute photo op, but it just places people who shouldn’t be here further into the country,” said Lake.

"Abbott needs to stop busing illegal aliens into the interior of America and start shipping them BACK to the interior of Mexico... simple .. more gutless Republican Establishment shuffle..." Bannon wrote.

What you are seeing in those two shallow political attacks is the difference between rhetoric and competency, and it's worth noting the difference given how enamored much of the right has become with the former at the cost of the latter. The status quo was leaving illegal immigrants sitting in Texas and Arizona border towns. That status quo has now been changed in multiple ways. 

One, by bussing illegal immigrants (who were not going to be deported regardless under the Biden administration) to blue sanctuary jurisdictions, it has shifted the burden to Democrats who have never had to face the consequences of their own policies before. That alone is a positive. Two, the bussing has created a political environment where Joe Biden is now being attacked by his own party for not securing the border, and while critical mass hasn't been reached yet, it's building for the first time in decades. 

Some will respond that Lake and Bannon were right. Abbott should have just deported them all back to Mexico. Admittedly, that sounds really great on social media until you consider the impossibility of doing so. Governors cannot deport people to foreign nations. Had Abbott chosen to attempt that, he would have been caught up in a multi-year court battle while illegal immigrants continued to overrun his state. It would have been a self-defeating move that made for some really great cable news hits and nothing more. 

Again, that's the difference between rhetoric and competency. Abbott took action in ways that would actually paint Democrats into a corner while not in turn painting himself into a corner. Is it as flashy as impotently ranting about deporting illegals back to Mexico? No, it's not, but Republicans should care more about effective policy than what sounds good for a fleeting moment. 

Abbott is owed an apology from those on the right who went after him. He's proven that his strategy was not just a "photo-op." Unfortunately, he won't get it because being a clanging gong on the right is seen as more valuable than getting things done. Perhaps that'll change at some point. 


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