National Guard Activated in Massachusetts as the Left-Wing Chickens Come Home to Roost

AP Photo/Morgan Lee

The Democrat Governor of Massachusetts has activated the National Guard following an outcry by aid groups as the state sees an influx of illegal immigrants due to the Southern Border crisis. 


The blue state had been insulated in previous years from the repercussions of lax border policies, but campaigns by Republican governors to bus illegal immigrants to "sanctuary" jurisdictions have changed the game. Like in New York, cities in Massachusetts are absorbing thousands of illegal immigrants as border states continue to be completely overwhelmed. 

Massachusetts officials overwhelmed by arriving migrants have activated the national guard as they scramble for more housing, while aid groups say they have been pushed to the limit and protests abound.

Gov. Maura Healey mobilized 250 members of the Massachusetts National Guard on Thursday to help transport the latest wave of asylum seekers to shelters across the state. 

But much like the crisis overtaking the Big Apple, Massachusetts has nowhere near enough housing or resources currently available to accommodate the influx. 

“Right now, the non-profits that are in Massachusetts are stretched and so thin they cannot provide anymore staff,” state Sen. Jamie Eldridge told CBS News

The number of illegal immigrants in Massachusetts is a tiny fraction of what states like Texas and Arizona are dealing with, which makes the complaints coming from Democrat officials all the more pathetic. This is the chickens coming home to roost after years and years of pushing open-border policies. 


All it took was a relatively small bussing campaign for these sanctuary cities and states to completely flip on their own rhetoric. All the "diversity is our strength" talk goes out the window when there aren't enough shelters and people are sleeping on the streets. Meanwhile, protests are breaking out as local residents decry how their local governments are handling the situation. 

Of course, none of this changes unless people start voting differently. It's hard to muster sympathy for these far-left areas when they put the people in power who have created this situation. None of these Democrat politicians cared one bit about the border crisis until it ended up in their backyards. If voters want competent leadership, they have to start demanding accountability. 

Lastly, I'd just note that Gov. Greg Abbott and other governors took a lot of heat for bussing illegal immigrants out of their states. They were accused of perpetrating a "political stunt." It's not a stunt any longer, is it? Credit where credit is due.


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