Buses of Illegal Immigrants Arrive at Kamala Harris’ House, Shrieking Ensues

As RedState reported on Wednesday evening, Gov. Ron DeSantis sent two planes of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, a favorite landing place for rich, liberal elites, including Barack Obama.


Greg Abbott wasn’t to be outdone, though. News broke on Thursday morning that two busloads of illegal immigrants were dropped off at Kamala Harris’ doorstep. That came just days after the vice president had proclaimed the border “secure.”

Here’s what that contrast looked like. Secure, indeed.

Fox News actually took the time to do some actual journalism, something the rest of the mainstream media couldn’t be bothered to do as they clutched their pearls. Here’s one of the illegal immigrants saying that the border is “open” because they entered “free, no problem.”

Most of the illegal immigrants in this case were apparently from Venezuela. They were sent voluntarily north because border towns in Texas are completely overwhelmed and simply do not have the resources to care for these people. Besides, who better to take them in than the very Democrats who have spent the last decade promoting sanctuary city policies and proclaiming the wonders of diversity?


Abbot is doing them a favor by making the transition of these illegal immigrants into welcoming liberal communities smoother. Or at least, that’s what you’d think the response would be given past rhetoric. But nope, leftwingers are freaking out, calling the move inhumane and exploitative.

This is what is called NIMBYism. That stands for “not in my backyard,” and it is a mindset that sees progressive radicals demand policies that they themselves refuse to accept the consequences of. When it’s some small town in the Rio Grande Valley, Democrats are all for open borders. When the illegal immigrants start showing up in their cities, suddenly they get really concerned about “optics” and “exploitation,” though.

It’s laughably hypocritical. It also ignores that those blue cities and the residents within have far more resources to care for these illegal immigrants than the already overwhelmed border towns. How is it not a moral imperative to shift the load a bit to other Americans, especially those that have perpetuated the border crisis?


The other claim going around is that this is cruel because these illegal immigrants are being sent to places far from their homes. Do Democrats think they just stay in border towns? No, they go to the interior looking for work. All Abbott is doing is providing free transportation to some of the wealthiest areas of the country. That should make everyone happy.

It doesn’t, though, because Democrats were always lying when they bragged about sanctuary policies and the wonders of illegal immigration. They thought they could contain the issue to a series of border states (mostly Texas because of the terrain). It was a political move, meant to harm their political enemies. But now that GOP governors are fighting back, we get to see pro-open border advocates for what they really are, and it’s not pretty.


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