WATCH: Devestated Maui Resident Absolutely Demolishes Joe Biden

Credit: Jeremy Loffredo/Twitter

Joe Biden's trip to Maui, HI, did not go well. There's been ample evidence of that, whether one is talking about his performance on the ground, or how people reacted to it. 


The president didn't show up until nearly two weeks after the fires destroyed the City of Lahaina, and even then, he only interrupted his vacation in Lake Tahoe for a few hours. Once there, Biden riffed on how he almost lost his '67 Corvette in a fire and joked about how hot the ground looked. That's when he wasn't dozing off or appearing to be nearly incapacitated. 

In the aftermath of the controversial visit, more residents of Maui are speaking out about how they feel, and one woman did not mince words. 

(Warning: Language) 

RESIDENT: Still today, I haven't had any money come in, I haven't had anybody call me back. I didn't have anything, I have no idea. I lost my house. I lost my car. I lost my animals. I mean, come on man, we're not getting anything. So today, I still did not get my meds. I did not get my meds yet. My medicine was all burnt in my house. My rent money was all burnt in my house. I have no money anymore. 

I think Joe Biden should take his $700 and get back on the ******* plane, that's what I think. The $700 compared to all the millions of dollars he's giving to Ukraine. Why? We need it. That's what we don't understand why. We're citizens and we can not get money, but if they're not citizens, they get gazillions of dollars form the USA. Where's are government? Fix your house before you fix somebody else's house. 


Everybody feels that way, come on. That's why the local people stick together, and we help our own people because we know the outside people are not gonna do it.


Given the political demographics of Maui, and especially Lahaina, it is extremely likely this woman voted for Joe Biden. I point that out to say that it's obvious her angst isn't coming from a place of partisan politics. She's genuinely angry at the president's lack of care for what occurred (as shown in his behavior on the ground), and she does not understand why American citizens are given a pittance while hundreds of billions of dollars are being given to Ukraine. 

Even those who unquestionably support continuing to fund Ukraine's defense against Russia should take what she says to heart. Lack of nuance or not, it's how a lot of people feel when they see the nation's checkbook constantly wide open for various foreign concerns (including illegal immigrants crossing the US border) when they can't even get a call back from FEMA.

Regardless, Biden's inability to project anything but sociopathic selfishness is one of the issues here. The federal government isn't all-powerful, and it can't solve every problem, but it shouldn't be actively insulting those suffering either. The president's trip to Maui was a disaster, and it was a disaster of his own making. Showing up and yucking it up for selfies while laughing about his cat almost dying in a kitchen fire? Who does that?


Unfortunately, people get the governance they vote for, and the nation is stuck with Joe Biden in the White House. Perhaps this will be a wake-up call on that front. 



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