More Photos and Videos From Biden's Maui Trip Raise Serious Health Concerns

Biden boards Air Force One en route back to Lake Tahoe, NV, after visiting Maui (8/21/23). (Credit: Twitter/RNC Research)

Joe Biden's trip to Maui was a bit of a disaster on multiple fronts. The president and his wife landed on Monday, spending just a few confusing hours on the ground before returning to billionaire Tom Steyer's home in Lake Tahoe. 


As RedState reported, Biden's first interactions with politicians and rescue workers were marred by bad jokes told at the most inappropriate moments possible. It was as if he had no idea why he was even in Hawaii and instead thought he was just giving another infrastructure speech. One resident of Lahaina (where the worst damage is) was interviewed by the local news and shared her disapproval of some of what Biden said. 

One of the president's worst moments, though, was when he decided to repeat a false story about his house supposedly almost burning down. During that telling, Biden joked that he nearly lost his Corvette and cat in the fire while sitting in front of an audience of people from a community that had just lost everything. 

Then there were the health issues. At one point, the president appeared to fall asleep while listening to another speaker, and now, more photos and videos are emerging calling into question his mental state and physical health. 

(Disclaimer: While the video has not been altered, music was added to the clip by the person who posted it.)


Is there any other word to describe that than disturbing? I actually think it would have been better had Biden just been falling asleep in the above clip. Then you could at least just chalk it up to jet lag. I don't even know what's happening there, though. Why is his mouth gaping open? Why does he look like he's losing consciousness while his eyes are still open? Nothing about that is normal.

Biden didn't look much better as he boarded Air Force One en route back to Lake Tahoe

Once again, I can't figure out what's going on with his mouth. That's not what a healthy person looks like, even at 80 years old. My grandfather is older than that, and he doesn't walk around with his mouth hanging open. The president's walk is also noticeably choppy as his wife leads him to the plane. Once at the top of the stairs, he again seems dazed and confused as he gives a couple of meager waves.

Then there are pictures like this that call the president's mental state into question. Did he forget why he flew to Maui?


The caption in the above tweet is obviously sarcasm, and for good reason. Why is Biden laughing in selfies when hundreds of children are still missing? Can you imagine if George W. Bush walked around taking pictures of himself laughing during the aftermath of Katrina?

Of course, because the mainstream press is so biased, none of this registers in the pages of The New York Times or on CNN. What would have been a years-long news cycle of condemnation is completely ignored because Joe Biden is a Democrat. That's the beauty of the internet, though. What would once be hidden is out there for everyone to see, and everyone can see something is deeply wrong with the President of the United States. 


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