Hawaiians Let Joe Biden Have It in Brilliant Response to His Take on Maui Fire

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We've seen a lot of reactions from folks in Maui who have not been happy with the response from the local and the federal government, and particularly not with the response of Joe Biden, to the disastrous fire that hit the area and killed at least 115 people, with many more still missing. 


We saw protesters line the roads to tell Biden he was "late," and with signs saying "no comment" -- reflecting what Biden said when he was asked about the number of dead in the Maui fire while he was on one of his many vacations in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. They even gave him the finger and yelled, "F**k you!" as Biden rode by. That was after the no comment, laughing, and not even getting the name of the island the fire was on correct. 

Then, after Biden spoke on the island, he made it even worse. He botched the names of the officials, and he claimed the response had been great when it had all kinds of problems. He looked like he was completely zoning out and made inappropriate jokes. But perhaps worst of all, he then made their disaster all about himself, comparing the situation to the time that he had a small kitchen fire at his house. He falsely claimed he had "almost lost" his wife, his 67 Corvette, and his cat.

Not surprisingly, it just infuriated a lot of people that, on top of everything else, this guy showed up for a photo-op, made that disgusting statement, and then high-tailed it out of there about five hours later, back to his vacation in Lake Tahoe. Some, like Kristen Goodwin, who is a Democrat, said that there were "no words in response to something like that." She said that she wouldn't be voting for him again, that she'd even vote for Trump rather than him, after this. 


But there was a company that figured out a way to speak for a lot of people -- the Hawaiian Rent-All Company. They're a rental business in Honolulu that has a reputation for its witty signs. They posted on Facebook about their sign regarding Biden, and it went viral. 

"Sorry you almost lost your '67 Corvette in a fire, Mr. President," the sign said. "Maui strong."

They also noted in their Facebook post that "sympathy is better than contrived empathy," and they said to Joe Biden, "It's not always about you." 

Hard to say it better than that to the guy who claims to be so empathetic but constantly makes it all about himself. 

Jesse Franklin-Murdock, who works for Dhillon Law, said that the sign was a "bellwether of public opinion in Hawaii."


So that should tell you just what they think about Joe Biden at this point. 

As my colleague Sister Toldjah wrote earlier, the White House finally got around to realizing that Joe messed up badly, and is now trying to claim almost two weeks after Biden's disastrous "no comment" answer that he didn't "hear" the question. If that were true, he would have said that immediately, a day or so after it blew up. 

No, the problem is that after they finally visited Maui, they realized how many people knew what Biden said, and that it's a problem. So they're doing the best they can to spin it. That's only going to make things worse because it's just not credible. What's going to be their excuse for Biden's making the fire all about himself? Have they thought of that one yet, or will they try to spin the Corvette comment in two weeks and say he was "misunderstood" and didn't say what he said? 

Come on, man!



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