Is There More to That Story About the Secret Chinese Bio Lab in California?

In one of the stranger happenings of 2023 (and it’s been a strange year so far), a secret Chinese bio lab was discovered in California recently. As RedState reported, the CCP-controlled operation was initially discovered due to code violations noticed by someone on the outside.

If not for a garden hose, it may have not been discovered, and there’s every reason to think something nefarious was going on.

Reedley is a small city in California’s San Joaquin Valley, just east of Fresno. But a troubling discovery there in early March has recently come to light — and raises a number of questions. It began with a garden hose attached illegally to a warehouse near the center of town. The building was supposed to be vacant. When code enforcement officers from the city went to investigate, they discovered that it was in use and observed several code violations.

Things just got more concerning from there. Once the authorities got involved, a representative for the lab claimed that they were genetically engineering mice to catch and spread COVID-19.

An onsite representative for Prestige, Wang Zhaolin, told investigators that mice were “genetically engineered to catch and carry the COVID-19 virus.” Due to the conditions, the mice were euthanized.

Unsurprisingly, the facility wasn’t properly licensed and was improperly disposing of waste.

What was really going on at that lab? The official claim is that they were developing tests for various diseases, including COVID-19 and Eboli. When you take a step back, that doesn’t really make sense, though.

Why would the Chinese need to run a secret lab in the United States, taking the risk of exposure, to develop COVID-19 tests? That would be something that could easily be done within China’s borders while not having to worry about any outside authorities getting in the way. That is unless developing tests wasn’t the goal.

Think about the precedent that’s already been set by the Chinese. According to intelligence reports (and basic common sense), it is almost unquestioned at this point that the CCP released COVID-19 from a bio lab in Wuhan sometime in late 2019. By the Spring of 2020, it had spread across the globe, causing mass lockdowns and in relation to the United States, also causing massive interference in a presidential election.

There’s little doubt that without COVID-19 in the picture, whether it be because of its political liabilities or the adoption of mass mail-in voting, Donald Trump would have won re-election as an incumbent in 2020. That would have meant no Joe Biden and no American subservience to the Chinese government. With Trump leading the GOP primary, the Chinese have every reason to try to scuttle him again.

Now, to be clear, I’m not directly stating that China released COVID-19 on purpose to influence the 2020 election. We don’t know that, and it very well could have been an accident. Yet, even if you assume the original release of COVID-19 was accidental, after seeing how that accident turned out for the CCP, wouldn’t there be plenty of motivation on China’s part to do it and on purpose this time?

That brings me back to this secret bio lab. What better way to seed diseases into the United States just in time for the 2024 election than doing all the work on US soil? And what better vehicle for that than genetically engineered mice that reproduce at an extremely fast rate? Also, how many more of these labs are out there? It’s unlikely there’s just one.

At this point, nothing should be assumed to be a coincidence when it comes to the Chinese government. Maybe this lab was just developing fake tests to turn a cheap profit, but I’d suspect there’s far more to the story. The real question is whether the Biden administration has any interest in getting to the bottom of it. Somehow, given the Biden family’s ties to the CCP, I doubt it.


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