Damning New Details Show Hunter Biden Deducted Prostitutes on His Taxes, 'Slam Dunk' Case of Alleged Tax Fraud Scuttled by DOJ

The more we learn about how the DOJ handled the Hunter Biden investigation, the worse it gets.

As RedState reported on Thursday, IRS whistleblowers revealed to Congress that US Attorney David Weiss twice tried to file federal charges in California and Washington, DC, against the president’s son but top-level DOJ officials stopped him. Further, Hunter Biden’s lawyers were tipped off to multiple property searches that could have produced further evidence. All the while, Assistant US Attorney Leah Wolfe forbid investigators from pursuing any part of the case that could lead to Joe Biden.


Now, more details of just what the DOJ let slide are coming to light, and they are shocking. According to testimony from one of the whistleblowers, he and his team found that Hunter Biden claimed costs for prostitutes on his taxes.

I’m no expert, but that sounds like tax fraud to me.

Hunter Biden deducted tens of thousands of dollars in payments he made to a prostitute and a sex club from his taxes, IRS whistleblowers told Congress.

One whistleblower, an IRS criminal investigator whose identity remains a mystery but who worked on the Biden tax probe, told members of the House Ways and Means Committee in a June 1 interview that Biden improperly deducted those expenses from his 2018 taxes.

That’s one of the years covered under Biden’s plea deal with federal prosecutors, which critics are deriding as a sweetheart deal. Another whistleblower, IRS criminal supervisory special agent Gary Shapley, told lawmakers that the Justice Department’s tax division and the prosecutors handling the Biden probe viewed the deductions as “a slam dunk case” of tax fraud. The whistleblowers’ testimony fills in many of the gaps on how exactly Biden evaded paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.


In other words, this was not a case of a man who just forgot to file his taxes or even simply didn’t submit them. Hunter Biden was, according to this whistleblower, committing fraud on his taxes, deducting things like prostitutes and trips to sex clubs. Last I checked, there’s no line item for prostitution on a federal tax form, and IRS agents were literally left running around to confirm whether the prostitutes were paid or whether those deductions were for something even more nefarious.

There’s more, though. Not only was it fraudulent and criminal for Hunter Biden to have made those deductions, but doing so also likely ran afoul of federal sex-trafficking laws because, in at least one case, the prostitutes crossed state lines.

So did Hunter Biden write “prostitution” while doing his deductions? The answer is no. Rather, he deducted his sexcapades with descriptions like “golf club membership” and by claiming prostitutes were employees of his company. Again, that’s tax fraud by any definition.

And yet, despite what the whistleblower said prosecutors viewed as a “slam dunk” case against Hunter Biden, he was never charged with any of the more serious crimes in question, crimes that would have certainly ended up with him doing time in prison. Why? It appears that DOJ leadership stepped in and stopped them at multiple points. In other words, the fix was in, and the more that comes to light, the more disgusting the situation gets.




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