IRS Whistleblower Joseph Ziegler Details DOJ Protection of the Bidens in CBS News Interview

Joseph Ziegler, who has been revealed as the second IRS whistleblower, speaks to CBS News about his claims. (Credit: Twitter/Catherine Herridge)

As RedState reported, the identity of “whistleblower X” has been revealed as Joseph Ziegler, a career IRS agent and registered Democrat. Ziegler joined Gary Shapley, the other IRS whistleblower, on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to testify before Congress, and so far, the revelations have been damning.


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Before that appearance, though, Ziegler sat down with CBS News’ Catherine Herridge to give an exclusive interview. Those clips are now being released.

At the time the IRS investigative team was looking to ask questions surrounding Joe Biden, he was a private citizen. Why would there be extensive approval required to ask about Joe Biden’s role in potential criminal activity? We aren’t even talking about interviewing him directly. We are talking about the IRS agents being banned from even asking other people questions about Joe Biden’s involvement.

Regardless, even if extensive approval would have been required, the DOJ had a duty to get that approval. To just dismiss the possibility out of hand shows a level of bias and favoritism that is far beyond what is acceptable within federal law enforcement.

Ziegler also spoke about his team being denied the ability to even speak to Hunter Biden’s adult children.


Imagine a murder case where the police were barred from speaking to the suspect’s immediate family members. That’s what happened here. The investigative team had its hands tied behind its back. They weren’t able to ask basic questions of people who were in Hunter Biden’s family, and the reason is obviously political.

Why would an Assistant U.S. Attorney get in “hot water” for allowing the IRS investigative team to do its job? That points to corruption within the DOJ and a coordinated effort to protect the Bidens every step of the way. In no normal case would such restrictions be put in place. In fact, it is the DOJ’s modus operandi to be aggressive in going after white-collar crime. I guess the exception is if the possible criminal is a member of the Biden family.

HERRIDGE: Are you asking the Justice Department to take a pause on the plea agreement?

ZIEGLER: This is up to the U.S. Attorney who brought the charges, David Weiss, and it’s up to the judge to make that decision. But at the end of the day, it’s a matter of are we treating everyone the same. Are we treating all taxpayers the same?

HERRIDGE: And in this case?

ZIEGLER: And in this case, I don’t think so.


How anyone could argue otherwise is beyond me. Earlier on Wednesday, Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) actually tried to claim that the DOJ has been biased against Hunter Biden. That’s laughable in the face of what is in that interview and what is being said on Capitol Hill. Here we have two longtime IRS agents, both of which have zero to gain by going public, outlaying evidence of criminal activity and a blatant attempt to protect those who allegedly propagated it.

What the DOJ did here is unconscionable. The department has no credibility left, and its attempts to cover up its misbehavior are only going to make things worse. These whistleblowers are not going away.


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