Hunter Biden and a Maltese Bank Account Raise Big Red Flags Amidst the Biden Bribery Scandal

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The Biben bribery scandal continues to unfold in real-time, and information regarding Hunter Biden and a Maltese bank account is raising new red flags. That comes amidst reports that the infamous FD-1023 at the heart of the issue includes a sourced allegation from the founder of Burisma that the Bidens coerced $10 million in bribes.


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Jesse Watters mentioned the revelation on Monday evening, which originated from yet more emails uncovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The Daily Mail provides more details of exactly what has been uncovered. It certainly doesn’t look good for the Biden family.

Hunter Biden and his Ukrainian gas firm employer were involved in setting up an account with a foreign bank that was shut down after a money laundering investigation.

Burisma, the allegedly corrupt Ukrainian gas firm that hired the President’s son in 2014, set up an account with him in Malta at a bank that later closed following a financial crimes probe, bombshell emails show.

The revelation that the First Son and Burisma are linked to a bank accused of flouting money laundering rules, comes after claims made by a longstanding FBI informant revealed this month by lawmakers, that Burisma’s owner sent $10 million to Hunter and his father using a complex web of offshore transactions.

Emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop show he gave income statements, passport details and even utility bills to Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi to set up an account at the now-defunct SataBank in Malta in 2016.


Obviously, there are still some dots to be connected, but it doesn’t get much more suspicious than Hunter Biden opening up an account with Burisma at a bank that was later shuttered (but not until 2018) due to a money-laundering investigation. Why would the Bidens need an off-shore account in Malta? That’s the question everyone should be asking right now, including GOP investigators in the House that are diving deep into this situation.

The tangled web of bank accounts and personal businesses set up by the Biden family is a rat’s nest of probable corruption. So much of what we are seeing simply doesn’t make any sense unless one assumes that something nefarious was going on. As RedState reported previously, numerous members of the Biden family received a total of millions of dollars from Chinese sources. What was that money for? And that’s just one example.

The Biden family’s entanglements in Ukraine look like a smoking gun. You’ve got a confidential source with a long FBI track record accusing the Bidens of taking bribes, and lo and behold, Hunter Biden had an account at a bank used for money laundering.

Sen. Ron Johnson reacted to the news this way.

‘No one should find this latest revelation surprising,’ he told

‘The Bidens knew exactly the type of people they needed to deal with – alleged money launderers like Patrick Ho, Mykola Zlochevsky, and now, allegedly, Mr. Pillow. The question now is what did the FBI know, when did they know it, and what did they do about it?’


That’s exactly right. What in the world was the FBI doing not looking further into this? Does being a notable Democrat really provide that much protection? That’s rhetorical because we all know what the answer is.

This should not have been left to Republicans in Congress to investigate. This should have been handled by the DOJ properly and with vigor. There is far too much evidence for this to have been ignored with good intentions.


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