Riley Gaines Confronts Katie Porter Over Slanderous Remarks, Sends Her Running for the Hills

Riley Gaines delivered disturbing details of her encounters with “transgender” swimmer Lia Thomas during Capitol Hill testimony on Tuesday. Gaines has become the face of the movement trying to protect women’s sports from the predation of transgender ideology. While before Congress, she also described her harrowing experience while speaking at San Francisco State University, where she was assaulted by a mob of radical transgender activists and held hostage in a classroom for three hours.


That hasn’t been the only recent targeting of Gaines. She was also verbally attacked by Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) and accused of faking her care for women’s sports to garner “clicks and likes.” The controversial California congresswoman attempted that line on Bill Maher’s show back in April, with Piers Morgan promptly roasting her in response.

Now, Gaines is sharing what happened when she tried to confront Porter over the matter (Fox News).

“We made eye contact which she very quickly acted like she was on the phone because she didn’t want to address me,” she said. “But I went up to her and I introduced myself and I said, ‘Hello, Rep. Porter. My name is Riley Gaines.’ And she looked at me and said, ‘Congrats on being a competitor.’ That’s what she said.

“And I said, ‘I want to address something with you.’ She turned around and bolted. Wouldn’t even let me get a word out. The disrespect. The audacity to simply turn around and not even acknowledge or take accountability for what she said. And once she turned around, I of course, followed her. And I said, ‘This comment you made of doing this for clicks and likes, that is disingenuous and you know this. You know that’s not why I’m doing this. Yet, you chose to say that.’

“She did not respond and she continued walking away, which I think shows perfectly the cowardice of these people – to not even stand behind what you said about me. To say it to my face. That’s what I’m seeing across the board, state to state.

“These Democrats, they can’t look me in the eyes and say what they, I don’t even think it’s actually what they think, to say what they’re voting – the policies they’re voting along – and tell me to my eyes they really mean that. She couldn’t do it yesterday.”


Porter plays the role of tough girl when she’s sitting in a committee hearing with total control, but she runs away like a scared mouse the moment the target of her ire has a chance to speak back. What a surprise, right? If you can slander someone on Bill Maher’s show, you should have the ability to back it up.

Most politicians are cowards, though. They talk big when the cameras are on and there’s no one to respond, but they run for the hills when confronted with their lies and slights. We saw the same thing happen when Chaya Raichik, the creator of Libs of TikTok, walked up to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the Capitol Building. Suddenly, Ocasio-Cortez, who couldn’t shut up about Raichik in committee hearings, had nothing to say and turned tail and ran.

In short, it’s really easy to look competent and powerful during a committee hearing when you can just talk over your subject until the timer runs out and then demand they not answer. It’s not so easy when you’ve got to defend your insane positions on the spot.

Porter is one of the worst people on Capitol Hill, not intellectually, but just as a person. Remember, this is the same congresswoman who was accused by her ex-husband of abusing him and dumping steaming mashed potatoes on his head. Like so many Democrats, she’s not emotionally stable in the least. Given that, it’s no surprise she’d run scared from Gaines. I’d say Porter should seek a new line of work if she can’t handle the heat, but being a spineless loudmouth is pretty on-brand for Democrat politicians.




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