As Katie Porter Makes the Media Rounds, Divorce Records and Resurfaced Reports Point to Her Volatile Nature

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Democrat Rep. Katie Porter (Orange County) has written a new book to help further her campaign for U.S. Senate. As a progressive darling, Porter has been making the rounds to all the legacy outlets, like MSNBC and the late-night talk shows.


Porter is already being overshadowed in fundraising by Rep. Adam Schiff (Burbank), who also desires to take that coveted Senator Dianne Feinstein seat. But someone leaked Porter’s divorce documents from her then-husband Michael Hoffman to the Daily Mail U.K., and what is uncovered does not put Porter in an attractive light. The couple filed for divorce in 2013 but decided to stay in the same home. Not the brightest idea, and according to the records dissected by the Daily Mail, the relationship devolved into the domestic violence that Porter alleged in 2018 when she was first running for office. The only difference between these reports and the narrative Porter spun during the 2018 campaign is that Porter was the precipitator and the perpetrator of this violence, not Hoffman.

The worm turns.

From the Daily Mail U.K.

Vulgarities, hot potatoes, and shattered dishes: this is the back story of a rising California Democrat and how reports of anger issues created collateral damage that has shrouded her political career.

Now Rep. Katie Porter wants to run for higher office, but can she convince the voters and donors that she’s the best candidate for the decisive role?

As she runs for Dianne Feinstein’s coveted seat, Porter must prove that she’s the West Coast version of Massachusetts’ Sen. Elizabeth Warren – a fiery progressive champion versus the ill-tempered politician she is according to former staffers, politicians and her ex-husband.


Yeah… good luck with that. The divorce records, reports of making staffers cry, and other petty and violent behavior—not to mention the new ones she ripped Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan and the Irvine Police Force when the cops arrested her current domestic partner for punching out a pro-Trump protester at one of her town halls—all paint an unflattering image. This is particularly true since Porter wants to ascend to the United States Senate. My colleague Nick Arama reported on former fellow and wounded warrior Sasha Georgiades, whom Porter accused of giving her COVID, then had Georgiades removed from the office and from her presence.

According to text messages released on Thursday, Porter accused Georgiades of giving her COVID, and effectively banned her from working in the office, What made it even worse? Georgiades was a Wounded Warrior Fellow operating as a veteran liaison for Porter’s office and worked for Porter for two years.

Georgiades said she wasn’t fired because she was a Fellow, so Porter wasn’t able to fire her, but the Naval veteran said, “I do believe if there hadn’t been that protection of the wounded warrior program she would have.”

That was a big blow to the Porter fan club. But it gets worse. It wasn’t just Georgiades who was mistreated, according to Georgiades. She said that Porter had a history of treating her staff like dirt.


Porter’s divorce almost became a matter for her House campaign to deal with in 2018, but it didn’t – the California Democrat told the story of the domestic abuse she said she suffered to the Huffington Post.

“Almost,” meaning the Democrat apparatus squashed it because they wanted Porter to flip that Congressional seat, and that is what she did. Over her three terms, Porter has been a useful flamethrower, with her whiteboards, bombast, and fake “fighting against corporate corruption” schtick. She stokes up the progressive base, and rakes in the campaign cash, earning her “rising Democrat star” status.

She’s now on the media circuit with a memoir out Tuesday that dives deeper into her account of the relationship and shows off her ‘no bulls*** style’ of politics — I Swear: Politics is Messier Than My Minivan.

Who wants to lay bets that aside from that promotional video above, Porter hasn’t stepped foot in a minivan in years? We already know she still lives in her subsidized home on the University of California Irvine grounds, and when she was teaching at UCI she required her students to buy books for a class from which she took royalties in the neighborhood of $200,000. Now she’s using her $174,000 taxpayer-funded salary and the book advance (would love to see the numbers on that) to do a media tour for a tome that is probably full of falsehoods. Here’s Porter on Stephen Colbert’s snoozefest, complaining about actually having to do the work of a Congress person and get along with <*clutch the pearls*> Marjorie Taylor Greene.


Oh! The horror!

The staffers have leaked, and the divorce reports somehow surfaced. Porter won’t play nice, so why should anyone else?

But after reports claimed she used abusive language toward staff, her divorce documents have resurfaced to

They tell the story of a messy and dramatic ending to the congresswoman’s marriage that left her one of Capitol Hill’s rare single moms raising school-age children.

On March 20, 2013, Porter and then-husband Matthew Hoffman filed for divorce but decided they would continue to live in the same home for the sake of their three children.

But from there, the relationship deteriorated – with Porter and Hoffman filing restraining orders against each other and alleging abuse. Old incidents came to light in divorce filings, with Hoffman alleging Porter dumped a bowl of steaming hot boiled potatoes on his head.


According to Katie Porter’s ex-husband in their divorce docs, she once poured boiling potatoes on his head, struck him in the face when he tried to stop her from yelling at their kid, among other psychopathic shit.

That must have left a mark.

From 2009 on, Porter was the sole breadwinner, and Hoffman stayed home with the kids. Hoffman insisted that Porter was prone to ‘extreme anger’ and had a ‘history of snapping and screaming at [him] and the children,’ and would ‘claw and scratch her arms’ while blaming him for the markings.

Hoffman said Porter frequently said things like ‘you f***ing idiot!’ and ‘you’re f***ing incompetent.’ ‘She would not let me have a cell phone because she said, ‘you’re too f***ing dumb to operate it,” Hoffman said.

No confirmed photos of Porter’s ex-husband are in circulation.

At this point, he’s probably in WITSEC.

So who leaked? My bets are on someone from the Schiff campaign. These are the same underhanded measures he used to leak supposedly classified Trump-Russia collusion intel. Despite the fact that Schiff is on top in this race, it wouldn’t be past him to use all the oppo against his opponents so that he comes off as a saint in comparison.

If that were possible. These are Democrats, after all.


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