Daily Wire Host Accused of Genocide After CPAC Comments on Transgenderism Set off a Firestorm

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CPAC is causing its usual stir among the far-left, and the latest example of that comes courtesy of Michael Knowles.


Knowles, who hosts a podcast for The Daily Wire, sent LGBT activists into fits of rage after he stated that “transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely.” California state Senator Scott Weiner lashed out in response, calling the comments a call to “genocide.”

First off, describing Michael Knowles as a major right-wing figure is a bit of a stretch (I’m only half-kidding, Michael). Second off, I don’t think Wiener knows what the word “genocide” means.

Clearly, Knowles’ point is that transgenderism as an ideology should be rejected at a societal level. He’s not suggesting that those that claim they are transgender should be herded onto trains and sent off to concentration camps. In fact, knowing what I know of Knowles’ point of view on this matter, he would reject the idea that someone is transgender in the first place. Rather, transgenderism is an insidious, harmful delusion, not a person’s defining characteristic.

Genocide doesn’t even come into play here, and the suggestion of such is insane. Helping people break free from mental illness would be the point, and part of that is having a society that says “no, a man can’t be a woman.”


But that’s the kind of overwrought, clownish rhetoric we’ve come to expect from Scott Weiner. After all, this is the same guy who fought to lower prison sentences for pedophiles because he thought the gay community was being overly affected. He also suggested that “drag 101” should be a required part of California’s K-12 curriculum. Wiener has a long history of creepy, highly questionable behavior throughout his time in the California Senate, and he seems to see himself as a warrior for LGBT fetishes first and foremost and a public servant second.

For my part, I think Knowles is right. I realize many on the right, so fearful of backlash don’t want to say it out loud, but the only way you fight off the deranged scourge of transgender ideology, specifically regarding the harm it’s doing to children, is to reject the premise outright.


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