Did an ‘LGBT-Caucus’ California State Senator Just Pull a 'Jussie Smollett?'

California State Senator Scott Wiener (not to be confused with Anthony Wiener), a member of the “LGBT Caucus” and outspoken progressive, is claiming to be the victim of a death threat following criticism leveled by Charlie Kirk. Kirk had recently accused Wiener of proposing legislation that resulted in more pedophiles being out of jail.


This was Wiener’s response, in which he said Kirk’s remarks were “defamatory.” Oddly enough, what he doesn’t do is show how they are false. There’s a reason for that.

As to the facts at hand, Wiener did introduce SB145, which included a wide-ranging provision allowing pedophiles to suffer lesser prison sentences for their crimes. The state senator also supported legislation allowing “transgender” youth to travel to California for “gender-affirming” care (i.e surgical mutilation). In short, his cries of “false” ring very hollow after a quick Google search.

Naturally, despite his own behavior, Wiener has the whole playing victim thing down, and he took to the internet to let it be known that Kirk had caused him to receive a death threat. Here’s what that looked like with a meme thrown in for good measure. See if you notice anything strange.


I’m getting some strong “Jussie Smollett vibes” from this. How about you? If you look at what Wiener posted, you can see that the typing cursor is still present at the end of the last sentence. You can also see that his grammar check is giving him suggestions by underlining words.

After being called out for posting something he obviously typed, Wiener then went back to Twitter to trash the “MAGA conspiracy theorists” by claiming that the hate message was actually a voicemail that he chose to type out. I’m not sure I believe that, but even so, it’d be really easy to post the audio, wouldn’t it? Why transcribe it when you can just show everyone directly what was said? That’s the million-dollar question, and one Wiener isn’t answering.

With all that said, I’m not sure it’s relevant. Just about every politician gets death threats, right down to the local level. Black and white politicians get death threats. Democrat and Republican politicians get death threats. Politicians who like their steak well-done get death threats (and rightfully so). Wiener is not unique in any capacity even if he’s telling the truth here, and I doubt he is.


At the end of the day, just because some random person leaves a nasty message, does not excuse a politician’s vile actions in their office. Wiener is a terrible state senator who has made it his duty to lower criminal penalties for those that should be behind bars. That includes pedophiles and those that knowingly spread HIV. He made those decisions, and he’s going to get public pushback for them. The fact that he might get a death threat does not change that.


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