Adam Schiff Slams Tucker Carlson in Nuclear-Level Self-Awareness Fail

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

Adam Schiff really doesn’t like Tucker Carlson, and he let it be known on social media on Friday evening.

In what I’d describe as a delusional rant, Schiff attacked Carlson as a “weak man” who values “money and notoriety over truth and decency.” Truly, it’s one of the biggest self-awareness fails I’ve seen in politics, and that’s saying something.


I’ve got one question: Has Adam Schiff met Adam Schiff? Perhaps I can arrange a meet-up?

Of note is that Schiff was removed from the House Intelligence Committee because he couldn’t stop lying about and leaking materials for political gain. And speaking of “election lies,” you may recall that he has been the top pusher of the Russian collusion hoax, promoting the idea that Russia “stole” the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton.

Even after it became clear that there was no evidence of such nonsense, up to and including Robert Mueller not finding any, Schiff continued to spread those election lies. For years, the California congressman told media outlets like CNN and MSNBC that he had seen evidence that proved Trump was colluding with Russia. He has still never delivered on that.


It wasn’t until mid-2020 that Schiff, then head of the intel committee, began to finally release the House Russian collusion investigation transcripts. What they showed was the complete opposite of what he had been claiming they showed, with no one substantiating the theory at all.

Schiff didn’t stop his lies there, though. He was also behind Trump’s first impeachment, which was based on the idea that a whistleblower (almost certainly, disgraced far-left operative Alexander Vindman) had come forward without any interference. Schiff claimed that his office had never met with the whistleblower. That was not true.

I’d say that’s the behavior of a “weak” man, wouldn’t you? We could also talk about Schiff’s fear-mongering on a variety of topics, from Russian collusion to climate change, but I think I’ve made my point. He’s a massive hypocrite who routinely lies for political purposes, and he’s the last person who should be calling out Tucker Carlson or anyone else.

Besides, Carlson did not lie to his audience about the 2020 election. In fact, he got into a very public fight with Sidney Powell because she refused to provide evidence for her voter fraud claims. At the very least, Carlson kept a skeptical eye, and his claims about 2020 have largely centered on the proven scheme by the FBI and social media to censor negative press about Joe Biden (i.e. the Hunter Biden laptop).


That’s better than what Schiff did when he tried to wholesale push a lie not just on television, but via the governmental power of the US House of Representatives. One of those two things is far more dangerous than the other.


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