Tucker Carlson Tears Into the FBI for Rigging the 2020 Election

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In perhaps the most shocking admission since the 2020 election concluded, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg admitted that the FBI pressured the social media giant to censor the Hunter Biden story, calling it “misinformation” just prior to the election. That was revealed during an interview with Joe Rogan, confirming what was once condemned as a conspiracy theory by the mainstream media.


The reason that’s so insane is two-fold. First, what right did the FBI have to interfere in private companies concerning what political stories they allow to be run? The attempt itself is bad enough considering the bureau had ostensibly pledged to avoid any possibility of affecting the outcome of an election. Secondly, and far more damning is the fact that the FBI knew at the time that the laptop was real, having been in possession of it since 2019.

In other words, the FBI went to a private company to spin the Hunter Biden laptop story as disinformation knowing full well that they were lying. That qualifies as direct interference in an election to try to put Joe Biden in the White House, and it happened under the watchful eye of current FBI Dir. Christopher Wray.

Tucker Carlson, the nation’s top-rated cable news host, took to the air on Thursday evening and tore into the FBI for rigging the 2020 election. Yes, I’m using that phrasing because, at this point, there’s no question it’s accurate.


The FBI has a long history of corruption and abuses of power, but in regard to the sheer consequences foisted upon the country, this takes the cake. Federal law enforcement actively put their thumb on the scale in a race that was ultimately decided by around 40,000 votes in three states. Had the Hunter Biden story not been immediately censored and dismissed as Russian disinformation, Donald Trump might be president today.

Instead, we ended up with Joe Biden, a vicious, senile crook who is currently in the midst of his latest impeachable act. He also happens to be using the FBI as his personal secret police, illustrated most recently by the targeting of two men for “stealing” Ashley Biden’s diary.

All the while, Biden and the federal agencies at his command spit in the face of Americans who would dare to call for some accountability. They have no respect for you.

Lines have been crossed that can’t be uncrossed, and while there have been times in the past when it felt like things were falling apart, this feels different. It feels like all false pretenses were dropped, and Joe Biden is now fully out in the open as the tyrant he is. If he were trying to tear the country apart, what would he even be doing differently? That he has the most powerful parts of the federal government, agencies that can ruin lies without so much as breaking a sweat, doing his bidding only makes things scarier.


I’m not trying to be dramatic here, but tell me I’m wrong. Tell me that I’m overreacting and that the breaches of the last few days aren’t outright dangerous. You aren’t going to tell me that, though, because I’m right.



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