The Great Gnashing of Teeth: The Left Reacts to the Mueller Report, Schiff Threatens To Call 'Bob Mueller,' Possibly 'Bill Barr" Before His Committee

Not quite as miraculous as Trump’s 2016 triumph over Hillary Clinton, but still a major victory for President Trump. We’ll call it the first runner up.


The thundercloud which has hung over the Trump administration for over two years has been lifted and the left doesn’t like it – at all.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) spoke to MSNBC’s Ari Melber. “We’ve been waiting for that ‘puff of smoke’ from the Justice Department.” He quickly pivoted to the importance of reviewing the report. Unable to help himself and perhaps trying to establish a rationale for his next move, Schiff said, “The report itself, as important as it will be, is not as important as the underlying evidence. Evidence that a U.S. person or anyone around him may be acting in the foreign interest of an adversary and not in the interest of an adversary. Is U.S. policy being distorted for financial or other reasons?”

He also referred to the open investigations in the Southern District of New York and the Eastern District of Virginia that may lead to indictments. For Adam Schiff, this is not over.

Schiff added, “If necessary, we will call Bob Mueller or others before our committee” and possibly “Bill Barr.”

There’s also been an internet debate over whether or not Rachel Maddow was on the verge of tears over the news. You decide.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was not happy. In fact, he looked shaken. He said, “That means no charges against the president, his children or his associates after all those meetings with the Russians. My biggest question is how can the president be pointed to as leading collusion with Russia, aiding a Russian conspiracy to interfere with our elections if none of his henchmen, none of his children, none of his associates have been indicted?”


What especially upset Matthews was that Mueller concluded his probe without ever interviewing Trump.

NBC News national security reporter Ken Dilanian replied “My only conclusion is that the President transmitted to Mueller that he would take the 5th. He would never talk to him and therefore, Mueller decided it wasn’t worth the subpoena fight.” He added that “Trump couldn’t be indicted in a criminal sense” since Mueller’s office “didn’t have it.” The president “couldn’t conspire with himself.”

Matthews continued, “Maybe he missed the boat here. Because we know about the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016, we know about the meeting at the cigar bar with Kilimnik. My God, we know about all of those meetings with Kislyak at the Republican convention in Cleveland. All these dots we’re now to believe don’t connect.”

“Well, that’s the conclusion in front of us. All of that stuff was suggestive, it didn’t prove anything,” said Dilanian.

Matthews asked, “Why was there never an interrogation of this president? We were told for weeks by experts, ‘You cannot deal with an obstruction-of-justice charge or investigation without getting the motive… How could they let Trump off the hook?… He will not be charged with obstruction of justice or collusion without having to sit down with the Special Counsel Mueller and answer his damn questions. How could that happen?”

Wimpy Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he wants to see the report “now.” “We want the full report. We want it now. We want it before the president is going to get it or able to make any edits or retractions from it. To his credit, Blitzer questioned why Swalwell the legislative branch should see the report before the executive branch? That exchange can be viewed below.


Liberals have been spouting the Russian collusion narrative for nearly three years now and it will hard for them to let go. And there will be some, like Adam Schiff, who will refuse to do so.

The Mueller Investigation has created a sense of illegitimacy about Trump’s presidency. It’s as if they’re saying, “Well, yes Trump is the President, but he’s really not. He’s a temporary President.”

Looks like President Trump and the American people will be waiting a long, long time for an apology from the left.



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