Joe Biden Tells an Unbelievable Lie Amid Senility-Filled January 6th Speech

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Did you know it’s January 6th? No, I don’t mean the date itself. I’d suspect most people know how to use a calendar, but did you remember that today is a day of remembrance supposedly on par with 9/11?


Yeah, me neither. As my colleague Susie Moore did, I completely forgot that today was that January 6th, and needless to say, Joe Biden’s attempt to remind everyone did not go well. I mean it really, really did not go well.

For instance, the president apparently doesn’t know “January 6th” occurred on January 6th. Instead, Biden brought up “July 6th,” a day that will apparently live in infamy.

Nothing really surprises me anymore when it comes to Biden, but this is basic stuff. If one is going to cynically try to prop up the idea of an “insurrection” in order to attack their political opponents, they should at least get the date right. This wasn’t an off-the-cuff mistake walking out to Air Force One. This was a prepared speech with a teleprompter, which reinforces the idea that Biden is totally the real-life Ron Burgundy. He’s just blindly reading, and sometimes, he can’t even do that properly.

The stupidity didn’t stop there. Biden then repeated an unbelievable lie, and one Democrats have told before. Namely, the accusation that “insurrectionists” on January 6th killed William Evans, a now-deceased USCP officer.


Of course, Evans was not killed by insurrectionists. He also wasn’t killed on January 6th. Rather, he was run down several months after the Capitol riot by a Nation of Islam supporter. Still, Biden included him in the supposed January 6th death toll.

To be clear, I’m not blaming that instance on the teleprompter or the president’s senility. In fact, it’s clear the line about Evans was purposefully inserted as a gross misuse of his death to push a political narrative. Though no USCP officers actually died on January 6th, Democrats have long misrepresented that reality. Sure enough, Biden did the same thing with Brian Sicknick during his speech as well.

As I’ve said before, I understand the Sicknick family was traumatized by the loss of a loved one, and I tend to give a lot of leeway to people in that situation. I give no leeway to opportunistic politicians, though. Biden is outright lying here. Sicknick did not die protecting congressional members. The medical examination found no trauma to his body (from blunt force or otherwise). They also found zero evidence he inhaled any chemicals, i.e. the much-talked-about bear spray attacks that happened that day.


Rather, Sicknick died of natural causes, a stroke in his case, the day after January 6th. To continue to use his death as a political weapon is disgusting, but very few are willing to stand up and say that. Yet, Democrats have crafted an entire alternate universe where Sicknick was violently killed by Trump-loving insurrectionists. It’s all false. In fact, the entire leftwing narrative around January 6th is mostly false. Biden’s senility only goes so far in excusing his rampant dishonesty.


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