Joe Biden Goes Full Ron Burgundy in Reality-Bending Speech on High Prices

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Sometimes I sit back and wonder how Joe Biden’s presidency could get more absurd. But before I come up with anything good, he always goes and ups the ante himself.


Today, the president gave a speech to address the high prices — specifically high gas prices — that are hitting Americans so hard. The average price of a gallon of gasoline is up over a full dollar compared to this time last year, while inflation is wreaking havoc on everything from grocery bills to rental car fees.

In speaking to those woes, Biden managed to simply insult everyone’s intelligence while also going full Ron Burgundy reading the teleprompter, and that was when his brain wasn’t grinding to a complete halt.

Remember, this guy claims he’s going to run for reelection in 2024.

But while Biden’s inability to function as a normal adult is what draws the most eyes, his substantive comments were no better and deserve their own bit of ridicule. In talking about the explosion in gas prices, the president took no responsibility, claiming that his ridiculous “climate change” policies, which have included canceling major pipelines and freezing federal oil and gas leases, aren’t to blame.


I can find no evidence whatsoever that crushing tens of thousands of jobs in the fossil fuel industry has resulted in an influx of jobs due to “climate change” provisions. I honestly have no idea what this guy is talking about, though, that’s hardly an unusual occurrence. It is not a coincidence that this massive rise in gas prices has followed numerous policy decisions by the current president. For him to now sidestep responsibility is mind-numbing.

Biden wasn’t done, though. He managed to make things even worse by lecturing Americans on having “perspective.”

The rightful perspective Americans have is that the economy was booming under Donald Trump and is now in a 1970s-like malaise under Joe Biden. This isn’t complicated stuff. Biden wanted to be the president, and now he gets to own everything that comes with that. He was not handed some dying, critically ill economy. Rather, he was handed a recovery already in full swing that would have continued to expand had he just stepped out of the way. Instead, Biden doubled down on radicalism and used the pandemic as an excuse to “transform” the economy. How’s that worked out?


Given all that, it’s no great shock when faux shows of empathy like this fall on deaf ears.

How about Biden stop looking after us and get out of the way? The president wants to talk about perspective. Well, here’s some for him: While he visits his beach house every weekend, normal Americans can’t afford to visit their families this holiday season. That’s largely his fault, both as a result of his inept leadership and his malicious disregard for enacting policies that actually help working-class people. No amount of badly read lines off the teleprompter is going to change that.


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