Chuck Todd Laments 'Threat From Within,' Spits on Memory of 9/11 Victims

It’s really tough to pick the worst major news anchor out there because the competition is so tough. Obviously, Jim Acosta is in the hall of fame because of how absurd he is, but he’s also so much of a joke that no one takes him seriously. He may be technically the “worst,” but his irrelevance costs him points.


For my money, the “worst” news anchors are actually the guys who present themselves as credible sources and serious interviewers but are really just partisan hacks pushing a narrative. Think less Nicole Wallace and more Jake Tapper. In short, the most insidious media bias comes from those who swear they aren’t biased.

Enter Chuck Todd, the host of Meet the Press. As RedState reported, he aired an interview on Sunday with Vice President Kamala Harris that included some notable soundbites. One was Harris’ delusional plan to end the filibuster only for Democrat priorities, but another moment that caught my eye involved the question Todd posed, not necessarily the answer.

In the year of our Lord 2022, we actually have “journalists” asking if the “threat from within” posed after January 6th is worse than 9/11. No, I’m not kidding, Todd actually asked that with a straight face.


Am I the only one who is so sick of this nonsense? What “threat from within” are we currently battling? Where are the battles happening? Could Todd please point them out? It’s melodramatic lunacy at this point. Trump supporters are not a threat and have in no way shown themselves to be a threat over the course of the Biden administration. Even those who broke laws on January 6th do not pose a threat as they are being harshly punished well past what the law would normally require.

Yet, people like Todd and Democrats (but I repeat myself) continue to act as if we are in the midst of an active civil war. We aren’t. In fact, the latest case of political violence in the United States involves a Democrat politician murdering a reporter out in Nevada. There is no threat to “democracy” and our system of governance is not under assault. It’s all a bunch of convoluted, made-up cosplaying by beltway dwellers that desperately want to be more important than they are.

Regardless, for Todd to take his already stupid talking point and suggest that the “threat from within” might actually be greater than the threat that killed 3,000 people on 9/11 is downright ghoulish. It’s the kind of thing I’d expect to hear from The Young Turks, not the host of Meet the Press. Real people with real families died on 9/11. The only person who was killed as a direct result of January 6th was a protester named Ashli Babbitt. Since then, absolutely nothing has happened to provide evidence of any clear and present threat.


But this is who Todd actually is and always has been. Republicans have been dumb enough to treat him as a fair arbiter over the years, and they shouldn’t make that mistake any longer. Do not go on this clown’s show.


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