Kamala Harris' Plan to End the Filibuster Is Outright Delusional

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Kamala Harris appeared on Chuck Todd’s Sunday morning show, and the vice president reminded everyone why her approval rating is in the toilet.

Harris, who has been mostly relegated to delivering word salads about space travel (for some reason), was asked about her recent proclamation that she was excited to cast the deciding vote to end the filibuster in the Senate. Here’s what that original statement sounded like.


Ending the filibuster would be an awful decision for a government that already feels like it’s teetering so naturally, Harris is all for it. To have 50 Democrats, a bare majority, shove through their agenda with the vice president breaking the tie would destroy the institution of the Senate.

Harris is nothing if she isn’t delusional and drunk with power, though. When Todd asked her whether she is worried about ending the filibuster, possibly leading to unintended consequences, she actually suggested that it would only be ended for the issues she cares about.

Here’s the transcript for those who can’t watch the video.


To put it succinctly, that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. Democrats, including Harris, do not get to end the filibuster only for “voting rights” and whatever other garbage they want to pass. If the filibuster is ended for some legislation, it ends for all legislation. Harris is either too dumb to recognize that, or she’s simply lying about the repercussions. A “carve-out” results in the ending of the filibuster. Full stop.

In that sense, Todd’s lack of follow-up is equally ridiculous. He should have pressed the vice president on exactly why the filibuster would be preserved in the future for other issues if it’s ended to pass Democrat priorities. Harris wants to have their cake and eat it too, and Republicans can not allow that to happen.

That leaves the GOP in a precarious position. If they take the Senate in November or stop Democrats from at least taking the two seats necessary to end the filibuster, what do they do if a Republican retakes the White House in 2024? Do they preemptively end the filibuster, knowing that Democrats have already promised to do so the second they get a majority? I think that’s what has to happen.


While I’m a fan of the filibuster stopping the excesses of government from both sides, if Democrats are going to end it anyway, sitting around and waiting for them to do it is not a strategy. There either needs to be some way to strengthen it, which I’m not sure is possible, or the GOP has to go scorched earth when they get the chance. The Senate map is excellent for Republicans in 2024, but eventually, Democrats will gain something more than a bare majority again. When that happens, the GOP better have not sat idly by.


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