Joe Biden Malfunctions During Buffalo Shooting Remarks, Then Attacks Tucker Carlson

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Joe Biden visited Buffalo, NY, on Tuesday to speak at an event dedicated to the mass shooting that occurred there on Saturday. Ten people were shot and killed by the deranged lunatic who carried out the heinous act.


But instead of honoring the victims and blaming the evil in the heart of the shooter, Democrats and the press at large have been going nuts, blaming their political opponents. That’s become a common theme anytime there’s a mass killing that fits the left’s narrative, i.e. anything to do with white supremacy, and Biden was happy to keep that rolling during his remarks on the tragedy.

While speaking, the president forcefully denounced the shooting as domestic terrorism, not equivocating at all on that front.

There’s nothing wrong with that proclamation in a vacuum. Domestic terrorism is definitionally a violent act motivated by ideological hatred and the desire to enact political pressure. The Buffalo shooting fits that mold, and I’ve got no issue with the president saying it.

Rather, what disturbs me is that Biden so obviously picks and chooses his use of such language based on whether a mass casualty event fits his desired narrative. If it’s a white supremacist killing people, it’s labeled domestic terrorism immediately. If it’s a black supremacist killing people, as happened in Waukesha, WI, the president holds his tongue and doesn’t use that label. We also have the recent example of the New York subway shooter, in which another black nationalist with openly racist views shot up a train car. The president nor his staff labeled that event domestic terrorism either.


It’s egregious to see these kinds of tragedies being politicized in that way. As RedState reported previously, Biden didn’t even bother to go to Waukesha, citing logistical concerns. Yet, because the Buffalo shooting lined up with a political message he wanted to push, a trip was scheduled within hours. If the president and others are going to label mass killings by those with bigoted views as domestic terrorism, then that standard should apply across the board. To pick and choose which mass killings to respond to based on politics is to disrespect the victims of those crimes in a ghoulish fashion.

Regardless, no Biden speech would be complete without his cognitive decline being put on display.

It’s just painful to watch at this point. “Life, liberty…(brain freezes up)…our universal goods,” Biden says, while clearly not being able to read the massive font off his teleprompter. He can’t even remember the most famous line from the US Constitution and he’s the President of the United States. I also continue to find it a bit rich for Biden to preach about God and inherent rights, when he just got done trying to get a bill passed that would legalize abortion, at the federal level, until birth.


But I digress. When Biden was leaving the event, he was asked about Tucker Carlson. He delivered another rambling answer, this time bringing up the so-called “replacement theory.”

What lucky staffer do you think got the job of trying to explain what “replacement theory” is to this bumbling old man? You can tell that he has no idea what he’s actually saying, but that’s never stopped him before.

As to the merits of such a comment, there are none. “Replacement theory” is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, which is where the “Jews will not replace us” line white supremacists use comes from. Given that, “replacement theory” in context has nothing to do with illegal immigration, which is a legitimate political issue up for debate. Tucker Carlson has never actually promoted “replacement theory,” and his discussions of illegal immigration do not qualify.

Instead, Biden, the news media, and the left at large are broadening the definition in order to create another political weapon. It’s cynical and gross. It’s also hypocritical, in that Biden was quick to blame Carlson for this shooting, at least partially, while ignoring the inciteful rhetoric coming from his own side when left-leaning murders lash out.


I just find all of it so distasteful. When the Waukesha massacre happened, Republicans didn’t rush out to say it was Joe Biden’s fault–despite the fact that the president has promoted ideas the killer subscribed to. Democrats simply have no shame, though, and it’s not surprising to see them attempt to link their political opponents to domestic terrorism as a last-ditch, cheap political ploy heading into the mid-terms.



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